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Sports Betting: You should always adhere to the basic principles of

Betting is this: we are with limited time and money in the fight against unlimited time and money and profit must be better, the following is a reprint of a little summary of the Friends of Bo.Sports Betting Experience:

1. Non full bet or a large number of bets, never clearing.

2. Continuous Betting failure should be suspended bets.

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3. miss bet can not be arbitrarily switched.

4. Striving, instability choose to give up.

5. Do not rush Betting

6. Try to spot bets.

7. spot big odds and handicap abnormal, spot need to reconsider betting

8. Asia and Europe lost the disc does not match try to give up, such as Europe lost 1 lost 4 Odds Asian plate hemisphere to Pingban not account for this cheaper

9. do not vote are not familiar with the game.

10. On the basis of the strength and the odds, to avoid betting by psychological factors.

11. Information as detailed as possible, on the basis of judgment.

12. fifty-five or forty-six grasp of the game without looking.

13. confined to a single formula, no more than three or more pass bets.

14. Try not to throw the ball size, goals, half of the outcome, the score changed after rolling plate, the number of yellow cards red prohibited betting, the first to tee off for a corner five, then eight the number of bets

15. In the league, round-robin based, less investment Cup knockout friendlies. (Cup less investment mainly limited to domestic cup within a country, except for the World Cup European Cup Champions League UEFA Cup and other international cup)

16. do not vote and garbage League second division, the probability of a large hot die.

Win 17 consecutive full principal and interest can not bet.

18. grasp of solicitation of still strength is based on instability of abandonment.

19. Asia and Europe lost disk was consistent tendencies before betting odds scattered try to give up.

21. trust teams and home.

22. In the case of chasing the ball the score changes to take place before the game results and tend to have 90% certainty before going, or else give up, or more miserable overtaking may be greater, because the direction may chase backwards!

23 professional or semi-professional buy ball must delineate and determine the scope of 3-7 sets of betting chips attack methods, such as my personal delineation betting range is: Macau opening + William opened within the hemisphere of pay + + + go deep pan to not engage chase + basketball engage. chips try to ensure that three sets of basic, such as are live, the primary re-injection, secondary re-injection, the focus refill. average stay is usually about 1/10 of the total chips. primary re-injection is generally double the average live, focusing on the re-injection up to a month using a total return of chips chips 1 / 3-1 / 2. Also the South American league and cup and soil erqi Greece and Russia and other minor league or cup chips are compressed to 1/2 or live 1/3.

24. Try not to water level lower than 0.72

25. The number of cases next game weekend deep dish and try not to look ahead to give up

26. Handicap Odds research and research than the optimum time of 7: 3

27. The re-injection success rate must be controlled, otherwise the loss would be a long time healing words.

28. Be sure to record net cash play and control banks (online banking) the number and frequency transfer money, as little as possible transfer money into, even though very few chips.

29. Do not believe selling materials and Correct Score Handicap, material nature is human analysis or artificial nonsense from the two big games can explain 1. Europe, Asia broke the game Conclusion It is almost impossible, especially now Occupation degree so high age 2. material profitable and why they do not want others to engage vigorously? (of course not deny an individual can make money selling the material is, after all, can be bread. This sentence is not contradictory and front)

30. If the large betting game, find something wrong or reckless attack the hedge must be promptly and anti-play to reduce losses.

Because of "gambling" core doctrine: calm, calm, resolute attack is essentially speculative investments in gambling, betting as much as possible the maximum probability, not allowed to see abandoned deficit to win all need to adjust their attitude, not rash, loss of calm and reason. ʱ??

Finally ending four words:Endure Wait Stable Ruthless Instability do not even have the slightest regret not play.

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