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Betting Odds for Three Mistakes of understanding

The first big misunderstanding

! Before making any major upset to win a lot of money in the interpretation of this issue, we do not prevent a simple math game 310 odds were 1.20: 4.50: 10.00, while capital flows were 70%: 20% : 10% (this odds ratio and capital flows can refer to before the statistics of the site), little calculation dealer can draw revenue is as follows: the emergence of 3 earnings ratio is 16%; 1 appear earnings ratio of 10% ; 0 appears earnings ratio is 0 the result is the emergence of income most normal circumstances the dealer's up to 3 !! One might doubt the correctness of capital flows, but guess!Football Look popular no secret, although the European barbarians iq than me and other descendants of the difference of several grades (which I have no doubt), but this simple question for decades after they figured I believe will be more than our understanding depth, so the flow of funds is quite realistic.So the real "popular" can not be seen from constant odds, because "unpopular" and the amount of money is inextricably linked, because the relationship between the amount of money, the dealer would have to lure more and Youkong action, which is, by the changes in odds (odds) easier to find clues.That is one important reason why the study of prawn Macau Handicap Odds European study more and fewer prawns.

The second big misunderstanding

Making control of the results of most (if not all) of the game.Recently, many people will talk about Handicap, buy must-see news, it is because of this understanding.Makers can control the race results I need not waste saliva, but in fact control the game result is a very complex project, which requires a strong human relations, strong economic base and vertical tight and clever tactics, which are eligible to participate people (club managers, coaches, players) are carefully selected and trained, and therefore by no means the last minute phone call can be resolved.Thus, to control the entire results of the competition, if not impossible, at least very uneconomical.In fact, both the odds or, Handicap worth mentioning that the majority (> 50%) is in line with the game of power between the parties and the final result (which is also unnecessary for me to prove it).So the dealer must be concentrated firepower, in a few sessions focused attack! And these screenings must have a high bet, and can bring huge profits to the dealer! As for the other tasteless screenings, pay and earned all but a fraction of it.

The third big misunderstanding

Handicap odds or have their universal law, according to its own rules as long as you can golden spear, victorious. In fact, not only in Betting Industry, in all of the investment or speculative industry, bookmakers and Player struggle is an eternal theme.Making through a variety of means want to catch the Player; and keeping busy at home banker wants, so they can into the net, until it has become part of the dealer.In soccer gambling, the odds or handicap is the main battlefield village, leisure, both sides battle of wits, never stops.Precisely because of this, the odds and the odds on only one universal law, that is: "! There is no universal law" ----- In fact it can be said the law is constantly changing.But there is a principle that will never change:! All means are aimed at making their best profits do not think this is nonsense, as a busy family, which is the highest principle of analysis and thinking you.Otherwise, when you think caught the mermaid tail by the time you actually caught a dinosaur tongue!

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