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On the popular sports betting

Many popular games are played Sports Betting Question people should be considered, the following are some common popular Summary,

1 big upset, is generally ignored by the majority of Lottery, the results are not optimistic about the media almost completely, even simply not mentioned not envisaged results.

2, the traditional strong teams and the so-called giants is definitely a good clip upset. Are often upset when everyone is waiting for its time, it will never be as you wish to lose, but this time, those second-ball team but it will be random clueless cards.

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3, allelopathy, no strength of the points, gave birth to a large number of non pondering upset.

4, extremes meet, a team may be a lot to keep straight games victory, you can not win a lot of games, but it will not always be undefeated and victorious. According to the terms of the objective laws of extremes meet, a continuous winning and losing team wins The more negative the more prone to big screenings upset this popular largely constituted by the four conditions: First encounter XiangShengXiangKe team shorthanded team two or three sides shorthanded opponents attack. Force is not bad. four weather venues reasons.

5,Football A team of limited competition staff, if there is a large number of suspended workers, it is likely to cause irreparable flaw in a certain position, while opponents succeed virtual pitch, causing upsets.

6, "Baggio's Law" is, as long Baggio at Brescia court will not lose Baggio once played for the team.

7, poor grounds and bad weather that could easily breed 3,5 field unpopular.

8, the illusion of popular, one reason: too much emphasis on history and ignore the reality of the team; Second: too believe that regardless of the reality of history, the only advice is - Do not invincible when teams think of it as invincible. Teams in the downturn, nor can it want to be too fragile.

9, team relations, turn on the water to have three conditions: First: a team win hopeless relegation worries, while the other team in dire straits Second: the two teams winning enough to destroy the whole situation Third: does not affect the fight for Europe Club several Cup.

But also to combine their specific situation and circumstances match specific analysis.

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