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Experience: talk about football kick

A few days ago, in line to see Soccer kick The topic, the forum also talked down, this topic reminds me want to do but then interrupted play, really helpless.

At the beginning of football Betting After a year or two, because often lose, always thinking about there a hundred percent profit method Wynn it?'ve Been thinking about that time, I wonder if there is no degree of your mother, your mother was anyway of not check What is a good way to, is the practice of betting on football betting can see, think, sum up the next experience.

At the time, bet from the phone to the Crown credit network, also came into contact with some cash net, then contact only two, one is Fubao net cash, which is the use of the crown platform, then apply the agent can have multiple point back water, but the agent is not winning or losing, count the amount of betting is the best I've seen agents platform; the other is the people of Taiwan to open plant in Jiangsu Province to help me open net cash tripod, in fact, this is a credit network, only but first send money to the agent, cash payment, called a cash net. So when the contact platform is the crown and tripod, unlike the current bet365,CASINO., Sabah, IM and other platforms so was thinking of fetching water are two such ways:

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The first: Crown and tripod with matches, opened Handicap is not the same, for example: Manchester United to Real Madrid, Manchester Crown open the disc is -0.5,1.01 Water, Real Madrid +0.50.89, Ding opened the disc is Manchester United -0.5,0.82 Water, Real Madrid +0.51.08 (teams impressionistic vision, when the game is too small, forgotten, as if the water level is 190, the difference between the water level and sometimes 180).Handicap is so, sometimes see more, you can still see these Handicap observed water level, because it was considered Handicap think of it outrageous.Fubao bet amount was net cash bet no restrictions, like most 100A, the water level will not change, but more cloud tripod limits may be higher proxy settings, there were a betting 10A.In this way, I suppose I first draw water.

The second: Chupan and go to fetch water.Less game time, opening less, to see that the above method, only slowly observed, sometimes with one or two a day, sometimes just a few days, so sometimes can not wait, on the use of Chupan and go places kick.This method is relatively simple, I believe we have tried.It is such as: Manchester United to Real Madrid, Crown and tripod are the Manchester United open the disc -0.5,0.82 Water, Real Madrid +0.51.08, bought the disc Madrid transferee hemisphere Chupan 1.08, when the high water to go, and then in turn buy Manchester United hemisphere, sometimes like, you can buy Manchester United Pingban Handicap, but to high water.At that time thought that this method is also good, but in practice, this method does not know a hundred percent Wynn, on the same disc, Real Madrid bought bought transferee hemisphere Chupan 1.08, ready to go to high water buy Manchester United, did not expect a kick-off, Manchester United into the results Manchester United 1: 0 Ended, so you do not know how to go to, so to lose a ball, kick days to profit all of a sudden gone, but also the loss of.Or go to buy appears when not to confirm the time, bets canceled.Then summarize, this approach is not feasible.

along with Sports Betting Development of the industry, many platforms, many well-known companies have an office, which is accepted our betting, Asian Handicap, Europe index into our learning knowledge base plate, see the European plate has become a compulsory homework, while the water level, CASINO, Sabah and other platforms in the big league have reached 194--196, the company's diversified choices conducive to kick betting. Then come the degree of your mother, you can ask of your mother the Internet, some of the seniors put their experience to share to everyone, I would say a third method is to draw water from the online learning come.

Here, to say the next return rate, net score in scouting, event analysis compensation index in Europe, is a return rate is in accordance with what proportion returned to the Lottery prize, explained in general do not understand, I do not know much about is that consciousness must return rate as high as possible, the company's index is generally higher, the better for us to draw water. (knowledge Bubu, because in practice less than, ha, we are betting that the company can not.)

Originally wanted to copy some information online, finding out alone, that under the right impression

Third: Get hemisphere tournament, after observation and analysis, winning bets feasible level, reprint example under the network:

(Europe lost the kick relatively less risky, but more needs to be able to use the chip company has, but also need to have the ability to a quick calculation, or the use of certain software to assist; and the Asian plate of kick is relatively simple, use both sides of the water level differences company to conduct betting on both sides.Europe lost the possibility of fetching water main is to use the difference between the odds in the odds of two or more companies combination, once return rate more than one, it will have an operation.Calculated rate of return is relatively simple, the reciprocal of both Shengping Fu odds and one-half.In a game between different companies to determine the combined odds of more than one, according to some combination of money bet, it formed the basis for Wynn.But Europe lost due to the impact of the return rate of industry associations and exchanges of limitations, the current EU lost all use of fetching water has had considerable difficulty, therefore, more European professional players began a combination of dedicated Eurasia.This issue simply to tell you about the simplest hemisphere, how and Europe lose kick combination.Portsmouth VS Bolton, Wade 1.803.304.35,18gbet and Eurobet are open out of 3.40, draw odds, which 188bet 1.983.404.30.Eurobet 1.853.404.25 Macau-based Asian companies Portsmouth Pingban in water, while others out there bis-disc Portsmouth 2.25 hemisphere high water depth dish.Hemispheric level on the plate can be simply converted into primary wins, we can set a combination of the odds, the water level of the hemisphere, 188bet or Eurobet draw odds, Wade combination of customer wins odds out 2.253.404.35.The three were then calculated the odds countdown 0.4460.2940.230, with 1 divided by (the reciprocal of the sum of the three), you can get 1.031, both said that the odds of such a combination of the result is greater than 1 return.Then in accordance with a certain proportion to bet, if we have 100 (total capital D, the main investment of 46 wins, a draw investment 3000 2400 customer wins investment, the result is the main win play 4600 × 2.25 = 10350, draw play 3000 × 3.40 = 10200, 2400 × 4 play-off wins.35 = 10440, whatever the result we can be profitable, but how much profit percentage is different.This is the basic effect of evenly distributed, especially if there is the feeling of a result, the results in the other two do breakeven situation, the focus will be on the results of the money into promising.As we are particularly optimistic about the primary wins, can be put into primary wins 4750, 2950 draw, the customer wins 2.300, such a result is the main win 4750 × 2.25 = 10687, draw 2950 × 3.40 = 10030, customer wins 2300 × 4.35 = 10005, after the home team to win will be able to increase our capital 687, if the field or off wins to draw particularly optimistic about re-distributed according to a certain percentage, you can get more profits.ʱ??

These knowledge can understand it??Personally I used to think it is feasible, but 工欲善其事必先利其器, several conditions are necessary: ​​A, scouts net score, football particularly useful index of the column; B, register several large corporate accounts, to Otherwise how betting; C, kick formula, others rich software with fetching water, I had a table with EXCEL, very simple, that is the reciprocal of the outcome of the flat three odds, then bet the proportion of the base, you have to want to learn, then, to his next point effort, I was saying that according to the above formula is set, and now can not find the EXCEL table, and if the brothers do not understand to this formula, I would like to go down to do out, but this method is not so easy now, these days I read a few days of the disc, can not find.

In practice, there are many drawbacks, such as changes in water level, what note to Limit, what note to level changes. Therefore, large companies, bet365, CASINO, will limit Sabah, Sabah note what changes would level , preferably with a platform or tripod and crown (also E Loeb and 88 Entertainment City), Amounts and water levels are fixed, but the two water level is relatively low. There is now better than before, now Handicap, several large companies in disguise for the same, it is difficult to find the reciprocal of the sum of the three events is less than 1. Also, patience is particularly important to see the day that a plurality of disks, and a few days are likely to find a good dish, patience did not, and this is the reason I am less and less to fetch water.

To give you an example opening: 2.07 3.3 3.35 1 except three numbers are greater than 1.084 0.483 0.303 0.298 = 1, it can be less than 1, so this can not kick the ball.

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