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How do I see Makers Handicap odds

In fact, I was a sports fan, the most popular soccer and basketball, basketball better, but wave and play no conflict.

But from the point of view of basketball football is good, of course, I think all of the top leagues of competitive sports can all be the same, why?

The reason: because a complete set of system (league system, manage the corresponding association, salary, training level, etc.)

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I think 95 years from the beginning of the NBA, Jordan and Yao Ming is affecting my 2 personal.Since long time watching, and I often go to the stadium 3V3, so I basketball skills, NBA rules, institutions, each team player features, including a variety of role players I can call on the name, but two teams I have roughly collide can analyze their effects on the bit, and what the characteristics of the coach, the players can perform power analysis similar, but exceptions unexpected situations.Turning back to football, there are some players Lottery is look at the fundamentals, and gather some information there to see a lot of game to determine Results, and these people will be winning, and then they decide Europe lost the Asian plate and the like are Bluff, very bothered to see them.The problem I thought, here I come to present my own point of view:

Why am I the two teams clash for the basketball very spectrum? Below I list my understanding of NBA games

1. The annual draft and players before the training, coaching team will be based on the training to select the players, know what criteria is it?

The first is talent: the player's height, wingspan, fat content, meter speed, vertical jump, bounce absolutely Achilles tendon length, hand length, etc., etc.

Secondly, the technical characteristics, is not suitable for the team's tactical system, etc.

President of the NBA, David Stern 2.NBA playing basketball league in the world's most cattle, and since has been the media, we know that the Jordan, that is, Jordan is a brand, NBA like to have their own brand, after Jordan, Bryant considered the NBA's most influential people (although controversial, but also the fact), but after that, James, and everybody why so like to watch NBA? In addition technology, ornamental and other, more important is the NBA created a lot of suspense after another "script" ,, thus attract a lot of fans, and the general director of the script is the "referee", and screenwriter is "the ruler behind the"

3. Schedule early to determine (why?)

The referee bias

Turning back to football now:

I said above can be applied in any form of basic sports in a mature, such as football.

And I can not understand basketball like that to understand football, because football team of people more than double the number of the basketball team, but the players too much liquidity, did not so much energy, at most, only a study League

Those who study the fundamentals watch the game with friends, nothing more than the team's play, injuries, and so we focus on the players learn to see through the news of it, there are some some savvy people who understand the game of football, but can How much better? But although only understand this, they won the football players still can guess some of the scores, and then win, the players that if we know the specific data? character traits coach it? Football Association referee tendency of a team designated it?

I know a player's status is reflected in what it is good or bad? Not to say a player good yesterday, tomorrow, sluggish, and this situation will of course, but most still get through training, but the training process is responsible for various training programs The coach can go through the data to record, imagine if we had these data are not influential in determining the Results? We see nothing but the game also features team and players want to know the status of it, the data obtained by these people?

The sponsor of those teams Gaming company Want to know which data is that it is simply too easy, if then these data into the computer database, oh my god !! really terrible ah!

You said the company also opened betting odds and odds not be able to determine the general direction of what the game ???

So I feel it, do the fundamentals of the players is that they have to see with their fundamentals

Handicap Odds engage players is right, they want to dig dealer hiding in Disk lose in fundamentals (only few people can find opportunities)

And all comes down to is "fundamental" only

All this is "a"

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