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Calculation principle Sports Betting Odds

First, a team, to win many factors, but I think it contains two of the most critical factors: strength and status (agreement ball except, behind talk), the strength of subdivision, then, but also the strength of the club, the players individual strength, ball the overall strength of the team, and then points can also be subdivided, they all can go to analysis; state generally include: key position player injuries, the degree of internal harmony and so on.

Second, if these factors be quantified by the data, then it is the team's average scoring rate, of course, modern offensive and defensive football is a sport, so to represent the average goal difference, then a more reasonable number.

Third, Europe is the birthplace of modern science, and strive to rigorous, precise, mathematics is a lovely subject.Gambling Activities are popular since ancient times, because they can get something for nothing. "Blackjack"We should have seen, to beat the dealer by probability.

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Fourth, European mathematicians study found Results Soccer goal and is consistent with certain mathematical functions, so the average scoring rate by a certain function were further quantified, that is, the probability score (Score), and Scores after the merger is Shengping Fu.

Fifth, while the difference between the average scoring rate is the Asian plate, because the sake of convenience, the Handicap simplify a draw, the hemisphere, a ball and other forms of handicap, and through water level regulation.

Sixth, while the average scoring rate and the value is the size of the ball, also for convenience, simplified. And then through water level regulation.

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