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[188BET event analysis] Premier League: Swansea strength decline, set to usher in the home victory over Liverpool


Premier League Liverpool 02-23 21:30 VS Swansea


CASINO Standard tray: 1.28 8.15 5.10

CASINO Asian Chupan: Liverpool 0.98 ball half / two goals 0.95 Swansea


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This weekend, the Premier League giants Liverpool morning show highlight is based at home against mid-table team Swansea. The home has been enhanced strength Liverpool this season, the team record of stability, excellent condition, has more unbeaten league 26 Later, plot 53 points, ranked No. 4, have the opportunity to return to the Champions League after an absence of several years. The away team Swansea compared to last year, the team strength has declined, the record is worse than last season. recent state aspect, a guest against strong team, it is difficult to be trusted.

Judging from the disk, CASINO Asian dish out the home team Liverpool Qiuban / goals 0.98 high water, the combined strength of the two teams and standings comparison analysis of the situation, Handicap somewhat exaggerated, but the home teams have obvious advantages, can be worth half Handicap, furthermore super deep dish with plate above high water, is confident performance. Liverpool is the impact of the European arena, home to three points must not be lost, a victory is inevitable, pampered plate appropriate.

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