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[188BET event analysis] Bundesliga: key relegation battle, Frankfurt home set victory Werder Bremen


Frankfurt 22:30 02-23 Bundesliga Werder Bremen VS


CASINO Standard tray: 1.68 4.40 3.55

CASINO Asian Chupan: Frankfurt 0.93 hemisphere / a ball 1.00 Werder Bremen


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This weekend, the Bundesliga will be two games, in which the field is early Frankfurt vs. Werder Bremen in the relegation battle. Both teams are the decline in strength in recent years, especially in the Champions League was the visiting team regulars, but now reduced relegation underdog. After 21 league, two teams with 21 parts of the plot, ranked 12 and 13 respectively, have relegation pressure. The direct dialogue between the two teams, maybe the situation will become relegation watershed, home advantage Can not be ignored.

Judging from the disk, CASINO Frankfurt Asian dish out the home team to the hemisphere / a ball 0.93 in the low water, combined with the two teams Comparative analysis of the situation and the standings, the odds are very optimistic about the home team, high open direct half Handicap, confidence full from the recent state of the two teams, the Frankfurt state better than the visiting team, for Handicap is a strong support, flow, Bo on the disc is appropriate.

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