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Worth a try: fool roulette method

Players: You play such Played Rotary table It? Proportion roulette is 1:36, a total of 37 balls, each of the 30 note, at one yuan a quick note to make 6, at 10 yuan earned 60

Not just practice a bit of luck, even in the 10, 1 yuan note, 6X10 = 60-36 principal = 24, 11 bid, the luck is not very good.

Players:! I play on the pressure that the three dozen ~ 1-12 ..

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Players: one not in trouble ah

Players: This is not worth the big Bo small

Players:! Yes, I would like to ask you, 10 even in the first 11 Operator luck do not I play that is the program version if it is real, 11 not in it, I was every three?. The figures on the exchange!

Players: You might as well play under his eyes closed so busy village

Players: this play is not due to pumping Well, really, upstairs who said, well, buy a 1 to 12 point that three security

Players: 11 only to lose, you count slightly lucky ... even open 3 0 lost Sia

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