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Playing online roulette six or seven times the classic battle of memories

Play online Rotary table Six or seven years, and more than Baccarat History is still long, there have been several classic battle, but ultimately completely, you do not laugh,

There have been 30 hit 10,000 yuan, 150 yuan hit 10000, 60000 hit 500 dollars, 2000 dollars hit 40,000 happened many times, 10,000 tens of thousands of dollars from time to time to hit 10 Once, in Macau used three thousand five yuan hit 170,000 Hong Kong dollars are ultimately lose, can not stop winning, money is just a number!

The method is essentially playing catch solitary Ding, playing hot zone

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Like playing roulette Asian Zone 0, the European plate like playing red-black half-area (for example while playing 25,34,27,30,23, on the other side to play 28,29,22,20,24), generally will not play more than nine more solitary Ding, holding odds of 1: 4 or more, lower than the odds as good as a play baccarat, correct?

Virgin posts, exchange marching with you!

Players: Actually, I still like EA platform, a disk two Asian Handicap and Europe can be selected, HG unity are the European plate, sometimes when the wind, for a disk to play what can resist wind early EA solitary. Ding is not limited to note, I remember a few years ago I bet no more than 4,000 innings, but sent nearly 70,000 payout later only a single small solitary thing Limit .HG benefits are prompted to hot and cold numbers, Unlike EA, can only display 50 innings, want to see hot and cold numbers, you want to go more than one pair, tired to death, but it can not write software, can only take notes in Macau, one night, remember the Probably more than 400 innings, looking hot and cold numbers, the head are looking dizzy.

Players: that post primary purpose is to vent a deep breath, keep in front of 2,500 to Great Eastern, mother, solitary Ding up to 25, like to draw, play water, to baccarat, black bare.

Players: I'm relatively stubborn, losing 2500 on Baccarat, Baccarat wanted to fight back on, and keep to the Fortune 2500 to play baccarat, and black bare.

Then I thought, this is not more wrong Well, originally prepared to fight roulette, wherever he goes, such a practice has been to remove the 5000 in baccarat body. Or concentrate on playing roulette it, keep only 5,000 for beating roulette Slowly beat up.

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