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Use of ways to make money gambling game

The use of money in the online betting method, I think no one wants this, but the use of video game gambling really is? At least from the network operator's point of view is a lot of people will feel that the casino is by cheating, out of thousands of money making , wrong! online casinos or real casinos are impossible to make money by cheating, because the moment you cheat can earn money, but I earn money. The reason is that online casinos make money, no matter what kind of game play, the casino always So accounting for almost one percentage point advantage, readers and friends who do not underestimate this advantage, because if the one percentage point of base large enough, the casino owner's profit is still very impressive.

Use online methods to make money gambling game is actually very simple, as long as you can grasp a machine about the three stages, I guarantee you can make money.

1 spit stages: new boss new hall will open the game set the stage more than, certainly liven up the field for speculation, so you accept this machine, this time to pay any money you think: Mercedes-Benz, BMW and often open big players will feel a lot of money, this is the stage of the culture, the heart of addiction is infected at this time, this is the root of gambling: gambling losses are winning play

2 hold phase: the boss for some time, there are some regular customers: the boss this time, basic profit: you may win money today, tomorrow lose money, in short, that lets you play machine has the hope, the feeling can still play, so you may also want to become a professional player to earn tens of thousands, tens of thousands of results to the output.

3 eat phases: the game room always to make money, and so you keep the familiar: you can not help himself, and this time it should let you win in front of spit all the money back, so at this stage we are called fishing stage , to the last stage, pumping software operational phase: let your boss catch a fish, does not want to bet and gamble, you know lose money, but you have previous experience makes winning fantasy.Why do we still have to lose a game room to play, very simple, think back to this, I feel there is hope, the feeling of having fun, can be fun.So do not think of Machine beat machine.You can only control their own choice, beat other players.You can even set up through the kill, this is the whole pattern of eating, eat whatever charge.

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