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Slot players profitability lie

Question: Recently, someone to write to you, because never winning and frustration on the slot machine you answer very well, but you obviously deliberately missed the point, it will make your readers the more disappointed, and that is: gambling Christians, especially the slot players, tend to lie to others when talking about his profit.

Although your readers to talk about some of the examples of people winning sounds reasonable, but he did not know these people at the top into a slot machine how much money they won the prize. Many people will tell you how much they won, but often remove the process of winning a large number of facts, including bets on the number of slot machines they won hundred dollar bills to 100 yuan bonus although sometimes lost money, people will lie to save face (for example:. "Oh, I draw today ʱ??

Discussion of these will make your readers more curse the funeral, because he is being troubled by the experience of others half-truths. In reality, almost everyone in the same boat, will lie in this regard .-- Tom.

A: Tom, you are absolutely correct to observe most profitable players will overestimate and underestimate their losses.

I can not even count how many times a player pointing to his or her credit terms, enthusiastically told me, "You see, Mark, I won." OK, but show me the two hair five machine 250 credit, these only worth 62.50 yuan, and he could eventually gambled them.

However, there are very few winners. These customers are any Casino The most important asset of the casino can not let all the customers leave in a huff few lucky people winning and go, and tell friends and family, then those future players are caught in a trap: they can also be the head Award to pull away.

You must accept this point:Betting Business mathematics. Makers will receive a certain percentage of a slot machine for every dollar bet, and then set out through the award cycle funds remaining players.

Allows slot players tied on the machine is desired, no matter how distant. Only when they gambled when reality was presented and found his wallet lighter than at the beginning. Then, orally words out, "Oh, I ?? a draw. "

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