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Playing mahjong not touch, eat eat some touch

Many newcomers just started playing mahjong when I saw eat, touch the cards very happy, eager to go to touch, but it will tell us a veteran, mahjong eating touch is a luxurious, pre best not to go eating touch, will "touch the luck to go," they prefer their own touch. In fact the reason of course is not luck, but because eating touch, you'll expose their cards, cards once see through opponents, you naturally no so good to play, and this is the tricky veteran who eat touch the real reason.

For example, if your hands have 70 000 and 80 000, 60 000 and 90 000 are to be card, this time slowly touch completely, do not rush to eat, but if your card has to be running out , such as your hands are 80000 and 90000, see 70000, is worth eating. Also, if a touch can draw eat, and of course, eat the touch, if started badly and to be in the office By eating touch "around the hand wind."

As the game progresses, the situation tends to be more and more nervous, the first 8-10 Mopai when it is the most important, because this time eat any touch have caused a very significant impact on the situation, or even directly decide the outcome , so this time needs special attention.If you get a good hand, you can play born Zhang, let the opponent go touch, thereby increasing the speed of their own Mopai can also reduce the opportunity to eat late to touch the opponent; if the hand is moderate sign face, if card type combination is not enough you can not hurry removed the sign, cooked slowly beat Zhang, avoid touching the opponent the opportunity to eat, if the deck, then it must be removed many unnecessary partial sheets; if the card sucks, so consider Bihu, try with familiar brand, hold Mong cards.

Mahjong skills very much, eating touch is very particular, we must think of some more time in gambling, in order to achieve more victories.

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