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Landlords senior players summary Advanced Techniques 13

First: Mentality.

Do not quarrel with your poker buddies, even if he was wrong card, you do not curse (of course, except for cheating, I'm serious here BS those who cheat,) so good for you ...... To know God also will make mistakes, a little more understanding, more of a tolerant, more of a good attitude, an optimistic attitude to face the team of your opponent, you will win ...... ..

Second: the bid approach.

What cards can not be called in, Landlords want to win, I think it will bid is a very, very critical step, bid my principle is:

1: If you have a bomb in your hand, basically you have to call the landlord, and (unless you do not king, not 2)

2: your hand if you have the king, but also basically to bid, and (unless you do not 2, but missing a lot of hands, even eat three cards, also probably not even together).

3: your hands if you have three 2 and a pair of A should bid, (this is a bit dangerous, because the opponent may have one king guns, but still worth the gamble what, perhaps, the cards can tell you to make a bomb or king or something, if the cards have no king, then you must stay one pair of 2 in the final of the dead do not let go.).

Third: To take advantage of the home to you to judge the form of home plate.

For example, the landlord first out of a 4, the landlord under the house (for your home) do not, then the only proof of the first, his cards very neat, not a single second, his cards are relatively sharp, But there is a single, but very large, do not want to press a 4, would like to ask you is too small cards. meet this situation, you either big on the card, to get started playing right, (because of the possibility of a strong home) or you brand is good, I would also go with the card (if this situation is to hopefully winning hand before you do so).

Fourth: Paodingjieniu method depends on your own cards.

Secondary an article classical "Paodingjieniu" is that a butcher in the slaughtering before his eyes have the cattle to slaughter, and has a shaved flesh and blood of. To get the landlord to say, you get a card in the future You should think of a good brand may go route. (This is why a get cards, you already know that this office can not win the truth).

5: Use the cards in your hand to Pathfinder.

In other words, use your hand to Pathfinder cards let you know, those cards in your hand is the biggest (except bomb can suppress). Here is a simple example, such as your hand a king, 1 to 2,1 for A, 1 张 K, 1 对 Q, 3 个 J, then I will use one pair of Q tackling the opponent is not a 3 K, if you are out of one pair of Q, he did the one pair of K , then I was right you 3 J into the final bar.

Sixth: In the last three remaining opponents cards when you're not fried fried Esen (except for special circumstances)

Because, under normal circumstances, that three cards are not exactly the same, that is to say, he will not look to finish, do not worry, he will probably stay with a 2 or something, or he will choose "hard" out of 1 fry for 2 betting you did not, this time, you probably begin to laugh pull, because you are a winner :)

Seventh: attached to a landlord at the time of about 14 cards, you are "desperately" we should also live in his possession, because he already had black shadow off.

Eighth: demolition brand essentials.

In your child to come up with even when you sometimes want to split the pair, my advice is that if you are a Six-less, up to the demolition of two pairs, eight and even up to the demolition of three pairs, and so on, up to no more than three pairs.

Ninth: To take advantage of your home's license to fight "landlord."

That is, you can not blindly pressure and landlord licensing each other, sometimes, even if your card is also good, a lot of big names, but also a little forbearance and tolerance, to make full use of your home to the big top "landlord" waiting for you Not to home when you go on, this time, "landlord" may have been not your opponent: this time I think you're gonna be happy, because the winner of the.

Tenth: To fully closed, you have to select the first out easily brand tube, do not give each other a message saying that you have to fully closed them, and to confuse them, they might smack your little son, and Zhang little number, or your 3 3 it is not worth them with 3 A 2 or 3 to manage. Once it goes out of your little card, they are too late to regret.

Eleventh: If you have got a lot of small right, do not be afraid of do not go out, and desperately want to press card, this time, you do not worry, as long as you have a king, or one pair of 2, you can rest assured called opponents before, so he left the last time, even though he was a Wang or 2, he also watched your small to be gone.

12: "landlord" first hit the 3, it does not necessarily explain the "landlord" No 3 with a single thought he might be, and confuse you, so you must be careful.!

13: learn to "note card"

I am here, "note card" hit quotes, because I do not ask you to put all the cards are played with my mind to go down, as long as you pass the other two people out of the hand to judge what is left of them may brand on it.

A lot of people complain about their poor memory, but how many people did not doubt their own understanding. This is sufficient, as in Landlords, we are understanding of how to grasp and remember the brand, which is a more difficult set forth only you can not write process.

Here is a simple example, a friend of Zhang 1, there is a 1 in my hands, then I infer rival hands is 1, this time, I was not thinking about how to how to remember the opponent's 1, I want him to 1 have much power, the pair of us have much deterrent effect, in other words, I am not to be seen as a rival to a monotonous Arabic numerals, I put my own feelings, nervous (my friends and I did for 2 a) easy (I have to be able to suppress his 2-to-1) are attached to his one-on-1, I believe this understanding of memory is much better than a simple memory effect.

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