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Easy to play good network tacit understanding Landlords

Landlords are the majority of players like a poker game, generally consists of three to four people to participate in the game, one person as landlord, while others as a farmer, with the landlords against. Landlords rules of the game is simple, play diverse, now has swept the whole of China, it is one of the world's most popular poker game.

Landlords want to play well, to master complex skills are crucial, of course, is not with the landlord, but the landlord is also going to analyze and try to discourage farmers with so victory, to do this, understand the various complex skills are also necessary indispensable.

In general, the basic trick is to fit Landlords stopped on home plate, under the house is too small card.

Bar on the home plate, that stopped the home of the big landowners own the cards, the cards allow landlords poor. There is a formulas called "single, but ten, on only six", that is, the family let landlords out ten or less single card, six below for licensing, landlords can not smooth out small cards, playing cards, when the pressure will play a lot. bar license is a very important step in the home, if it is not license, and sometimes can be considered split straight.

Under the house is too small cards would not have said, as soon as possible at home to finish his cards is victory, of course, sometimes under the house brand is not good, first try to get on the way home is also possible, which is to see the degree of understanding of the two complexes.

But also will provide an estimate of the time with family and opponents cards, estimation of home fried or big, you can make to the house to intercept card. If the estimated landlord a double king, we should try to get him out split double king. If you feel one's own fast win, remember the bombing. Of course, if the opponent almost win the fried also keep it, otherwise it will lose even more.

To Landlords of winning, with a will learn tips on how to achieve better co-ordination, we should in actual combat experience a lot.

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