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Tie for Golden practical tips and real case analysis

I just put my years of playing cards the objective of a little skill to write, for everyone to see, licensing field who battlefield, psychology, characters of Dynegy Competing also,

ʱ??Bar Jinhua"Is"Fraud Jinhua"Also, as long as the card class Game There are tips to be found, of course, good luck to win, but luck is not always good, all fraud Jinhua skills is particularly important. Fraud Jinhua, putting the word fraud, we must first understand the lie. Kidding? Some people say that, of course, deceive opponents, nonsense! In fact, lied about who should be their own, foggy, Living, doing really true false false false true then I made. I first introduced a few of fraud Jinhua Classic case, see my fraud Jinhua tips.

Golden Tips fraud case:

One: to discourage fraud Jinhua skills of, there are homes have won

Some people say that fraud Jinhua will follow suit is not the hero, is a hero will throw cards. Remark too right. My father's friend, a boss, people are very stable, playing cards also stable, with little fraud. Day miracle, eight play cards with a six stuffy, that uncle look dignified, certainly the hands of a card, which we have seen, and I was the last one with a friend, his hand is to Akj gold, almost ace, three laps after , as well as four, that price one hundred uncle, my friend did not hesitate to throw away the hands of the cards, I think Jianhui distressed to continue, but after a few laps, a flop, K gold, that uncle showdown, Q leopard a. I was shocked friend eyesight, he laughed and said, playing cards, Man.

Remember: Board, Man.

2: Using fraud Jinhua skills of inertia

I have a friend, close friends, gambling skills extraordinary, often fight alongside us, and then the licensing field no brother, the future was friendship, it is factual. One day, I meet with on his card, he is K gold, but I 10, Most of the time, for him, I always first flop, but A big gold also, and I would race fraud but three hands, very stable. On that day, I could not even hold hands with seven-fifty, calm, in fact, the real heart pulling tight, he looked at me like a calm confidence, plus one of the psychological inertia, after seven hands folded. Look I exposed 10 two, that the third is 10 (we play do not play hi), joyful hearts, even the Kwame He was smarter. This inertia tempting law.

Fraud Jinhua types of people for information:

Play fraud Jinhua sly type

When these people take big caution, take a small card when you see, surging, the most difficult to deal with. They know that 235 leopards truth, never refers to the big money shot, but it refers to a small card fraud money, athletic and elegant all have , mostly expert Nine really a false sense he knows, he also knows that half-truths, live according to the law can not control the cards, for such people, you have to face is his people, a complete of human psychology, including his mood, his habits, his hobbies, how much should be aware of some people to start from is king, because the brand is difficult to see the flaws, the hint of it.

Play fraud Jinhua unemotional type

Such appears to be the most difficult to serve people, not all, most of these people are like nine true a false operation, so you lost in routine, fraud Jinhua fraud Jinhua, talking heads are not playing playful play person He is an ice, you're a fire, burning more than a few times, do not believe he does not melt, these people often have some latent track is that he sometimes does not know, then rely on you to touch, and to under the ruthless hand, quasi-hand, how the quasi under the ruthless, savvy look you up.

Play fraud Jinhua bold type

Such people, mostly money good momentum, licensed die with no loose, no license for one fraud in the end. For such people, in my opinion, in order to lure the weak to annihilate big, he really leave you, he really you remember We can not leave, otherwise Xiecai Q: If the point is not correct, licensing How bad countermeasures? A: Feng standby hold back a moment, the time is right, the blade landed, kill a ruthless, remember, the point will turn (no Thousands of cases), have made have received such a clean sweep, when income or else leave marks when made, all in all, he was Xiang Yu, you have to when Liu Bang!

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