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What is "happy to eat?" Stud Rules "eat hi"

Although Stud Online, online is very popular, but, in reality, more particularly Stud, many places are circulating a network, casinos are different in Stud Stud custom, called "Joy to eat." So what is "happy to eat "mean?

The so-called "eat happy", that is to win people to lose a little money, people. Let's say you caught a straight, clear a few people's table, got up and hug money, have to remember to leave a part of, and give "stealing money" people, stealing money from people who justified this saying "If I forgot a card, you can get straight?" That said, "If I keep up you can catch Q?" one to two to go, then confidently put money away happy.

The joy of eating from the attitude can also see a person's character, and some people generous and open-minded, rob everyone was happy to pass, some people are stingy, I do not pull out a hair. In fact, I think, to people eat more than happy not give strong, no one has been able to win, no one has been also lose, you win this to make people eat happy, the next man to win even if you eat a little money to spend for-everyone happy, why not?

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Saying they are cheap suffer a great deal, you win money, and give them to eat happy, people think you are generous, good brand products, but also like a fight with you. True to the time he got big, nor will you under the ruthless hand, if you are winning, others happy you refuse to eat, the next positive energize, there is no guarantee that he did not take the opportunity to mercilessly kill you one.

"Eat hi" local custom in a long time, coping well, happy, to cope with bad might traumatic unpleasant, so when you win money, others find joy when you ask for money to eat, but do not be too stingy ʱ??

Whether in reality or in online casinos, you want to play good, then Stud, Stud is characterized by a comprehensive understanding of one of the essential lessons.

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