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Stud poker skills and gameplay presentation

Stud Poker game is a game, and is somewhat similar to Texas Hold'em. With the development, more and more online casino internet online Stud also become the object of a number of players selected. The following is to share how to play Stud.

Play online Stud, usually with a deck of cards in four suits of 8,9,10, J, Q, K, A, a total of 28 cards.

Stud Rules

Each computer to send a bottom line and a winning numbers, only the player's own cards see winning numbers everyone can see.

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Starting from second card, each card sent to the last card face greater priority to bet after someone bets, other people want to continue playing, according to [bet] key, or alternatively raise (only once per card per person filling opportunities).

If not want brand, please press the parties [to give up] key, previously had been with the chips can not be retrieved when the distribution is completed after five cards, each player must turn over all the cards (except abandoned Selected players) to compare cards face is all the chips on the greatest winner, you can get this Council desktop.

After each licensing each player can allow "full charge", namely the pressure on the whole stack, where all stack size refers to the maximum number of chips set in winning or losing the room and removing the pressure on the number of chips, the final winner of this Council all the chips on the desktop.

Play Stud game to understand card type

Flush: continuity suit has five straight straight as big if, then the ratio of the largest card suit.

Rail Extension: four cards of the same number, plus a single, branch size than iron, [A] iron support most.

Gourd: by [three] plus a [one pair] composed cards than three sizes.

Flush: not constitute straights five cards of the same suit, the first than the largest single, same again larger than the second single, and so, if the five cards are the same size, the ratio of the largest card suit ʱ??

Straight: five consecutive digits of the deck, but the color is not the same as if the straight is large, the ratio of the largest card suit.

Three: the same card type from the three cards plus any two, more than 23 sizes.

Two pairs: five cards in card type consists of two groups of two cards of the same rank composition than the size of the first two pairs, if the pair are the same size, then over the rest of the leaflets, and if still the same, the ratio. Maximum color large pair of.

San Cards: single patterns scattered five cards composed, not a pair (two pairs), not three, not shun (flush), not flush, not a gourd, not iron sticks, first than the largest single, same again times larger than the leaflets, and so, if the five cards are the same size, the ratio of the largest card suit

Different sizes like conventional card type is: Flush> iron support> hoist> flush> straight> three> two pairs of> pair> from poker cards scattered on the comparative figures is: A> K> Q> J> 10> 9> 8 color comparison: Spades> Hearts> Plum> Box

Play games online, you need not worry about breakage. When a network disconnection problem occurs, the computer will replace the players give up the Board, re-start the game.

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