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Stud learn from mistakes

Stud chances are very complex, fast-paced game, even the experts are wrong.

In the long run, everyone will get a good or bad about the same number of cards, Stud outcome depends on the number of errors. I often found myself losing the main reason is infallible.

Do not make mistakes to say simple, practical difficulties. Generally the most common mistakes is to take bad card call. Bad card not can not call. If you only ever fight card, opponents see you and know what you are note cards. focus can not be too often! Most of the time line to get bad cards, lose homemade lonely, self-comforting note with bad cards is deception.

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I recently attended the second poker tournament, the key machines in the wrong hands are lost, the secondary are holding AK. The board opened a take AK AKXX, where two sheets of red brick. I'm Note too, took only 23 opponents with brick in the end to beat me.

Grab the card is too low to give the opponent the opportunity to call note cards are poker players look at the most common mistakes, such as open public licensing AKXX total bet four thousand four, you get AK, opponents may flush. The board has two Zhang, your hand no red brick, red brick 张补成 last flush (if opponents do have two sheets of red brick) 9/44 chance. If you just called greedy Note 500, with 500 competitors a chance to win $ 4,500 (average call 44 times a complement to flush, nine win 40,500, 35 times did not make up a relatively flush lost only 17,500), in the long run you will be the big loser.

Another rival called the note cards (possibly AK, AQ, pair) I get AK raises, public open 872 cards, I Stud, for holding ten pairs of the call. The fourth open K, the fifth to open ten. I If you open the fourth K Stud opponents probably not with our AK872 Stud, he knows his ten opponents to win the big surface (unless my hands A pair of K).

If he took six pairs (male cards have seven or eight) he is likely to fold.

More behind your seat, call the lower the risk you take with flowers J ten in third call, determined to raise or reraise behind you call, the risk is much smaller in the ninth.

Many experts calculated by computer simulation of the correct note cards with different positions if you hit an upper limit Stud Stud tables of ten top three position is the front position, the three are in place, the last four after the place...:

Front position: the need to have at least 77 pairs of four to ten, 9 with flowers and unusual flower A ten, seven J, flush K9, QJ unusual flower should fold!

Median: At least 55 pairs, A6, K9,98 flush or A7, K9, Q9, J8, ten 8,97.

After bit: At least a pair, flush K2, J7, ten 7,86,65,54 or unusual flower A7, K9, Q9, J8, ten 8,97,87 attention J7 can with flowers, but with the Q7. flowers are not worth it.

This table has an upper limit applicable Note Stud. Stud contest the world's largest cap-free Stud, Stud emphasis unlimited ambush and unexpected, and sometimes you can win 23 AK. Play no limit Stud when compared with no common sense to follow, stress resourcefulness.

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