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Use a computer algorithm to crack blackjack Wizards - Taff

Taff is a very talented electronic engineering experts, the time for more than 30 years, specializes in how to use high technology to crack the system with a variety of DB Casino,especially Blackjackʱ??

In the 1970s, he developed the first Taff can crack blackjack computer, the "small" machine weighs 15 pounds or more, but the evolution of science and technology is very fast, it only took a few years of effort he put a Taiwan can be the perfect blackjack strategy table to calculate the machine reduced to only a few ounces. take his son Marty. Taff in the 1980s developed a smaller, easier to hide and more and more powerful little machine.

Finally, in the eighties, a Nevada casino will be brought into use in the operation of the instrument all as illegal supplies. There is a saying that because casinos found Taff's brother shot using a mini head mounted on the belt, the angle of the lens We can "see" the dealer's cards. Thus Taff can fully grasp the dealer's cards and playing cards to determine their own policies.

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Keith Taft Blackjack Hall of Fame not only elected in 2004, he had invented machines are now on display in California Barona Casino (Barona Casino) museum.

Look at Keith Taff educational background, we can not associate him with high-tech electronics genius together, he is music with physical undergraduates, and later professor of music at 5 years with a physical three years, he finally achieved physical After a master's degree, he worked for several years to obtain jobs in California Raytheon Company (Raytheon).

1969 Taff to Reno (Reno) vacation, he visited Harrah's Automobile Museum (Harrah's Auto Museum). He received a complimentary ticket can be used at the casino, so that he can try on a little blackjack tables a few hands, very lucky, he got Blackjack and won $ 3.50, from the fans let him in this Gameʱ??

He drove home, he thought Dr. Thorpe wrote a book instinct to beat the casino. After returning home to find all the books he could find and concentrate on research blackjack, he thought he had mastered card counting and is ready to earn a little money from the casino.

However, his road to start counting cards is not smooth, and without the support of his wife, Dorothy (Dorothy), he began to think about how to use the computer to make him even more dominant on the table.

In 1972, he produced a "George" (George), 15-pound portable computer, he really put it "wear" in the body to serve the casino playing cards, via precise calculation, "George" can be precise calculates the advantages of each dealer's hand, then the player should be under instructions how stakes, via such electronic card counting, "George" can also be accurately tell the players should be cards, suspension, or bet times and so the corresponding action (also is the basic strategy of today's predecessor), Taff also with Ken. Wu Sidun (Ken.Uston), another celebrity blackjack border cooperation, continuous improvement and better equipment with smaller lenses, until the last of these instruments have been determined to be illegal supplies may not be used in the casino.They also trained teams to use these devices, Wu Sidun responsible for personnel, responsible for equipment Taff.There was a period of up to 16 of their team members ─8 players with eight equipment operators.The team set a legendary success, in just five weeks, reaching a 80% success rate in terms of more than 100,000 dollars in profit!

Beginning quite friendly to their casino, I thought they were just good luck, good luck will soon run out, and soon the casino methods they use surprised. Of course, the prohibition of gambling in the end they all were, they were all with to Harrah's (Harrah's) casino small room, stripped naked and searched and found them in possession of a lot of small stuff! Of course they all work out.

Later, even the FBI are even involved in the investigation, their in-depth analysis of these devices and found that these devices are not cheating machine, only provide assistance strategy to use, prompting the court to withdraw a complaint of cheating the team, but based on the invention for Keith Taff a significant impact on the game of blackjack, he was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2004, and died in August 2006.

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