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Most top professional players in the history of blackjack

James Ross Seghers Blackjack He began his career at the Chicago Institute of Economic Research, and once, a careless dealer so that he can see the cards, he used mathematical analysis techniques out how to take advantage of this loophole to get the maximum benefit, and thus become the top Analysis of master cards.

Not only by most of the Blackjack Hall of Famer James Ross Sigma also is recognized as the world's currently active card counting off the top of the figure, he published books and research to get him into the twenty that Hall of Fame, he for Casino Defend the rights of all blackjack players are on the court proceedings.

In "Beyond count cards" (Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video poker, 2000) book, James Ross describes all Swag "advantage play" (Advantage Play) approach.

"Advantage play" is a generic term that contains all battle with the casino can gain the upper hand in the use of techniques such as card counting, order tracking cards, cards detection, as well as many other tricks, all containing his detailed explanation.

He also spent a great length describes the psychological factors, often psychological qualities are blackjack players determine the success or failure of the major factors.

Victor in court

James Ross is also the court for Sigma Imperial Palace (Imperial Palace), Caesar Palace Casino (Caesar's Palace), as well as the preservation of company Griffin (Griffin Investigations).

His complaint was forcibly detained and handcuffed casino security restrictions on movement, the jury requested casino verdict for illegal detention Sigma James Ross lost, and the need to compensate for the actual loss of $ 99,999, and an additional fine of $ 500,000 for moral damages. Indeed, the Court Later judgment spiritual compensation for the 399,999 US dollars.

A second lawsuit against Griffin preservation company, which specializes in collecting cheating, card counting passengers, as well as other casino welcome from the list of characters.

Sigma records for James Ross and Michael Russell (Michael Russo) untrue record in the "Griffin Roster" (Griffin Book), the claim that the two characters for the famous cheaters.

According to the roster, Caesar Palace casino detained the two men to cheat. Michael Russell was released the next day, but James Ross, the Sigma spent four days in prison.

After the complaint was withdrawn two of cheating, they in turn accuse Griffin security company and Caesars Palace casino, content that contains defamatory, illegal detention, violation of civil rights, etc. They won the case, and Griffin security company 105,000 dollars and because Panpei bankruptcy, these actions have brought many staple of conversation for the players.

World's greatest blackjack players

Blackjack annual recognition party would then blackjack Cup, everyone and recognized champion is "the world's greatest blackjack player."

James Ross Swag with 2007 in 2004 won the championship twice.

No wonder blackjack Marxist party organizer James Swagger Ross Rubin will declare "no doubt is the world's leading and most intelligent blackjack players!"

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