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Play blackjack chess game, you do not need to know how to count technique can also be winning

Now gaming companies gameplay is changing, if you are a novice, you can from the "Vegas blackjack brilliant light," this most classic, Macau casino advantage of the lowest game opened practicing. Many people know twenty-one Point to card counting skills in order to win more money, but for ordinary players, which is very difficult, so here we want to introduce a basic skill, winning cards do not count method.

After beginning blackjack game, the cards are the first to face, under normal circumstances, due 10:00 cards include 10-K, accounting for more than one-third of the entire card, far more than other values, therefore, the cards as 10:00, more in line with the probability, but also make us more chance of winning.

Draw, a lot of people able to get 15, 16 points to start to hesitate, draw afraid explosive, do not smoke get more afraid of making, in fact, this point is indeed the easiest to burst. Whether the draw The turning point was 12:00. At this point the draw, the probability of bust minimum, and get the maximum number of chances is also large. Thus, less than 12 points, then, is basically not hesitate to continue to be licensed, while more than 12 points, then requires careful consideration of the general continue to the other side, you may also want to. each other do not, you should also stop. specific conditions.

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In blackjack surrender is a more special choice when you think the current situation is quite unfavorable to you, the loser may be very large, you can choose to surrender, so you lose the ante bet is half the battle. surrender, you look lost chips, but in fact, in the long run, rational use of surrender button will increase your income.

Blackjack chess games are simpler than other live casino games, of course, if you want to master enough skills, can master more to betting and online play, you can also participate in the competition, but we must remember lessons learned.

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