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Blackjack card counting Investment

Former Morgan Stanley Bank directors Don Schleisinger calculated that if the casino does not stop at gaming tables allowable range (approximately $ 500,000 bet on this below) blackjack "normal" rate of return on investment is one year 400 ʱ??

4x Investment Facilitation Is not the world's best small invest?

In fact, hundreds of fans made a mistake. Blackjack and baccarat seems to take compared to the accounting profession and golf than golf (Baccarat) is a good "entertainment" and Blackjack card counting is a professional ʱ??

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Blackjack is a good investment, although it does not mean blackjack card counting off investors must be good! Bond King Ge Luosi pot of gold earned is card counting. Blackjack father Cable Poor operating performance Oak fund established by Buffett does not lose, but I know a card counting master card counting H yet earned millions of dollars lost in a variety of "bad" investment, worth (since that investment master) card counting Ti scared off.

Investment failure is painful thing, exposing people scar injustice, but in order to count cards enthusiasts happy ...... remember that I was to go bankrupt stock lost count cards do turn off.

H lesson, so passengers should be how to count cards in assets under management?

Mathematicians have calculated the average ROI count cards while only one fifth the risk is five times the general stock investments Why:! Because good card count to a maximum bet of the next 2%, 3%, unlike equities frequently V. Liucheng even financing investment holdings. Blackjack as a totally inefficient market investment, card counting passengers enjoy all the information and have earned excess profits ...... 4 times a year!

The disadvantage is that card counting can not accommodate too much money ...... Even with the team, $ 500,000 enough to play the world's most blackjack tables.

So how to count cards passenger should allocate assets?

Lending betting!

I began to count debt of NT $ 50 million cards, go Dubo family members do not support a number of years even with week borrowing interest rate of 1% "investment." Count cards as an excellent investment, if done right, lending worth! Daiyi Lang $ 90,000 also started borrowing it!

Many people say can not borrow betting, in fact if not usury, a good investment loans worth betting on!

Like Soros and Thorpe card counting since the beginning of the investment, if card counting passengers have excess funds, how to invest?

Think about card counting is what kind of investment?

Card counting passengers to identify investment opportunities with card counting, an investment Opportunities (3 filling really, really filling ...... 4) installed a black and white ball like a bottle (52/48, 51/49 ......) in card counting off front Huangdong. counting cards off the investment rate of return according to according to their risk tolerance (a Kelly Kelly half .......) After pumping the ball from the bottle ...... investment even true brand. 9 (52/48) 100 Hand average should win 52 hands and 48 black balls that may still come out to (the dealer get Blackjack) card counting customer orders rather die disgraced loser.

Investment opportunities in the real world is actually like a bottle-like, rely on similar card counting skills (fundamental analysis, industry analysis, inside ......) to find a good bottle ...... A investment plan estimated annual investment rate of return xx, risk xx, B ...... investment case.

The problem is that a good brand case expected rate of return of these investments and risk, unlike blackjack calculated so clear.

1. The basic analysis, industry analysis

Various types of analytical methods currently projected rate of return and the actual result is often a great difference. For example, a securities company forecast a stock share price "target" than the current third year as the oil crisis or the financial crisis might affect the broader market fell five percent.

2. Failure Risk

Blackjack risk is "bankrupt" risk "capital doubles gambled before," the Risk of modern finance is the risk associated with the systemic risk of a particular investment (the so-called beta coefficient).

If Kelly Theorem to evaluate general investment, investors should ask is if a specific investment plan "repeat" do a lot of times, then there is little risk of failure?

For example H investment Florida real estate, he thought the property can rent it out and have a long-term management company guarantee, did not think even the rental management companies have closed down.

Real estate loan sharks like heavenly mainland, the biggest problem in repayment, H may also repayment (bankruptcy) risk estimates are too low.

Card counting off the minutes and hours of card counting invest money to make money easily (Facilitation 4,5 times), so the more impatient idle funds to invest freely and easily fail, in fact, rather better than idle funds lose money, on unfamiliar investment should be careful.

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