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Gaming world pressure to forge ahead

I think, in the gaming world, will only play more experienced, so also is the most valuable fulfilled in competition between each other, and can continue to absorb these gaming companies advantages and strengths, and gradually enrich and enhance the development yourself.

"There is pressure to aggressive" - ​​Angela Leong Readme

Angela Leong, born in 1960 in Guangzhou, .13-year-old former ballet school, after joining Guangzhou Backstage, become a dancer. 1980s to the development of Macao. In 2005, Angela Leong began to participate in Hong Kong and Macao and Social Affairs, was elected prime minister in the Po Leung Kuk, Hong Kong 2007 served as Chairman of Po Leung Kuk program co-ordination, the same year in September to attend the Macao Legislative Council election, and 11,642 votes overwhelmingly elected. in December 2010, the market value of nearly 4.8 billion yuan Stanley Ho's SJM shares devolve Angela Leong, so Angela Leong Stake in SJM rose to 7.69 percent from the 0.66 percent, becoming the Stanley Ho SJM's second-largest shareholder after.In January 2011, the Board of Directors adopted by SJM, the Macau government approval to confirm, Angela Leong from January 2 by a successor appointed Managing Director Stanley.As a child I would very much like dance, under the encouragement of his family and his own hard work, I finally admitted to Guangzhou successful dance school, become a professional dance students to concentrate on learning the dance.Later joined Guangzhou Backstage, became a dancer, the regiment involved in organizing a number of theatrical performances and other activities.1982 I came to Macau Development.Then just at the beginning of reform and opening up China, Hong Kong and Macao and other places I want to grow their horizons, seeking new development opportunities.Under development by chance I came to Macau, Macau was not yet well developed as they are now, but then the development of the gaming industry has begun to take shape, is also very simple folk.First arrived in Macao, unfamiliar, and the city also has the characteristics of Chinese and Western cultures, for me, this is indeed a very strange place.

After to Macau, I mainly work in dance teachers, in teaching, I gradually met some friends, they give me a lot of help and encouragement, so I quickly adapted to life in Macao, in my life helped me the biggest my husband - Dr. He Hongshen.He appreciated by the students, then I have the opportunity to join the Macau Entertainment Co., Ltd. (STDM) under the Casino Lisboa work, came into contact with and service to the gaming industry.I had not quite understand this company, but after work, my most profound a feeling or impression is that the company pursues "from the people, giving back to people" business philosophy, and vigorously support public welfare and charity Macau for the development of Macao has made important contributions, I also own a company can become a member honored.11 years to return to the mainland and Macao in support of the Central Government, under the scientific leadership of the SAR Government and the joint efforts of the whole community, in various fields of economy, politics, society has made rapid development.Macao's achievements, first prove that Deng Xiaoping's "one country two systems" in Macao applicable system is completely correct, scientific.Back 11 years, the Macao SAR Government will actively implement the "one country two systems" principle, the successful implementation of the "Macao Basic Law", according to the actual Macau social development, determine their own path of development, so that Macau quickly from before the reunification harsh security environment, economic development downturn situation, the rapidly changing political stability, steady economic growth, social security has improved, people's lives continued to improve, social harmony of a good situation, per capita GDP ranks second in Asia also developed to.Of course, "one country two systems" principle and precedent to follow, and therefore also in the development journey will inevitably have some problems, but I believe in tolerance and understanding of the whole society, the SAR government will unite all sectors of society have a strong cohesive force, the problem will also be solved step by step.Macau is known in the gaming industry developed.In 2002, the Macao SAR government to open up the gaming franchise, a franchise of the gaming industry from the past into a number of co-operation, including two world-renowned large-scale foreign investment enterprises Bo.It can be said right at the beginning of an open bet, and indeed some people have some concerns, because the market is not big enough to fit in too many casino.However, local companies with "customer-oriented" business philosophy, and constantly improve service quality, updated business ideas, combined with practical, timely adjustment of competitive strategy development of the gaming industry in Macao, after a period of time, discoveries ever made efforts were not in vain, the company's annual operating income achieved a steady increase, and the company also successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2009, which is a new milestone for Macao enterprises.I think that after the Sands, Wynn Macau and other foreign gaming companies settled, local gaming enterprises not only have not been defeated, but the competition between each other, and can continue to absorb these gaming companies advantages and strengths, and gradually enrich and enhance their development in.As the saying goes, there is competition, there is progress, there is pressure to forge ahead.

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SJM (referred SJM) was founded in the 1940s, local bookmakers.We are born and bred, based on the development of Macao, has been devoted to contributing to society, the return of Macao residents.For a long time, SJM full support of local and Chinese domestic all kinds of public welfare and charity (such as the 2008 Sichuan earthquake donations and building schools), bridge-building, road construction, disaster relief, etc. are SJM participation and financing.On the other hand, SJM also strongly supported public works, the construction of the airport from assistance to sponsor college scholarships have SJM figure.Meanwhile, SJM has consistently adhered to staff localization, gaming companies are all using the fewest expatriation company.Over the years committed to contributing to society, SJM has therefore been recognized community.The SJM gaming operations in the years also has been advocating "flutter cheer" gaming concept, promoting responsible gaming.In recent years, more cooperation and prevention of pathological gambling professional bodies in the entertainment field and vigorously promote the concept of responsible gaming, to those in need of punters and gaming workers provide counseling services.I think these should be the biggest advantage of SJM.In the past the development of the gaming industry in Macao has been a leading industry, each bring considerable annual gaming revenue.According to statistics, in 2010 more gaming revenue reached 190 billion patacas.But over the years but the gaming industry is thriving type of development, reflecting the industrial structure of Macao single defect.In recent years, the SAR government has gradually clear the diversification of industrial development path, especially in 2006, the Historic Centre of Macao after becoming the world's cultural heritage, the SAR Government at the same time develop the gaming industry, but also support the development of tourism and exhibition industry.In particular, the national "five" plan turn Macao repositioning, "to support the construction of the world tourism and leisure center in Macau, promote moderate economic pluralism".This is a country of the future development of Macao given encouragement and support, the Government's policy address this year is also clear that the industry will focus on promoting the development of the exhibition industry, cultural and creative industries, the pharmaceutical industry, business services, and foster new economic growth point.So I think this is a good opportunity for Macao in the future development, the SAR government should take advantage of, in support of the steady development of the gaming industry, promote the development of more multi-industry, giving more room for development the majority of SMEs.Macau, although only 29.5 square kilometers, but it is having four hundred years of cultural exchange important window to the outside, the impact on Macao's Portuguese culture very far-reaching.Historic Centre of Macao now save four hundred years of history of the essence of cultural exchange, 2006 Historic Centre of Macao has been successfully included in the "World Heritage List", is the largest tourism projects in Macau highlights.Macau also features a multi-ethnic settlements, which the Chinese, Portuguese and Macanese constitute the three main ethnic groups.For a long time, among the various ethnic groups of the security of it, interacting with each other, harmony.The characteristics of multi-ethnic and multi-religious phenomenon derived from a variety of religious harmony in Macau is also a small land.

Macanese Macao is an important cultural characteristics, they are in the process of historical development of Macao as a special group.This particular ethnic group by the Portuguese and Chinese intermarry form, the concept of both the Portuguese people's thinking, also the Chinese way of doing things.Macanese Most grew up in an environment where there are Chinese growth, they also fluent in Cantonese and Portuguese-speaking, and this advantage is its become a bridge of communication between the Portuguese and Chinese important weight.The return date, the Macanese in Macao society to maintain its dominant position, be able to communicate with its Portuguese and Chinese the two groups are closely related to this ability, which makes them particularly in political and social life in Macao status and role.Portuguese culture on human development in Macao considerable influence, over the years the Macau government to carry forward the Macanese culture and promote unity among various ethnic groups in Macao, hosted many colorful programs and activities, including the annual "Portuguese annual event rhyme Carnival "activities by the public, visitors especially welcome different Portuguese-speaking community, it has become Macao Macanese ethnic groups.For a long time, Macao and Portuguese-speaking countries has been maintained in culture as a link to non-governmental exchanges as a platform for close contact.Especially since reunification, with the strong support of the Central Government, the effective implementation of the principle of "one country two systems", "Macao people governing Macao" and a high degree of autonomy, give full play to the role of the Sino-Portuguese exchange platform, and actively promote China and the Portuguese-speaking countries many cultural exchanges, trade, social, education, environment, tourism, etc., for the Chinese public diplomacy has made an important contribution, and is playing an increasingly important role.All along, the Macao have played a role in China and the Portuguese-speaking countries and the EU trade and investment platform.

After the return of Macao with "one country two systems", as well as low-tax free port information, capital, personnel, logistics and other advantages of free passage, Every year there are a large number of foreign passengers and cargo arriving in mainland China through Macau, Macau as a city of south China's important window function increasingly significant.Meanwhile, Macao adjacent to Zhuhai, just across the water more and Hengqin, Zhuhai has now moved to the center by the Xiangzhou Cross Gate waterway, to narrow the distance between Macao and Zhuhai, the two governments should take advantage of unique Cross Gate waterway transportation hub and landscape conditions, to create a world-class landscape of the Gulf waterway Value.I think Australia beads together to create the Bay Area, is not only beneficial to the two cities, but also makes the "one country two systems" policy in regional cooperation have continued to deepen and develop.Macao with its unique geographical location, regional integration and development in Guangdong, Hong Kong is increasingly reflected in its important functions.In addition, Macao is also an important platform for contacts and promote western development.

I hope, in the future development of Macao should take the initiative to integrate into the development framework of cooperation between Guangdong, realize complementary advantages and neighboring regions.I, as all the people elected legislators, we must first do a good job in the Legislative Council's work, fulfill their legislators bounden duty to live up to all the people of my trust and expectations.In future work, I'll legislators should be based on the duty of people's livelihood development, monitoring government policies for the development of Macau offer words and ideas in various fields.In addition, in response to industrial diversification development goals, I recently with some like-minded friends are planning to invest in the theme park in Macau, focus on the development of tourism and leisure industry, tourism of Macao add new elements to attract more tourists to Macao tourism for the diversified development of Macao industry to play its part.Human life will experience many ups and downs and difficulties, but it also has many different opportunities, it will be some people help.Of course, a person to be successful not only depend on the opportunities and the help of others, more important is their continuous efforts.I think, as long as the ongoing efforts toward the established goals, everyone has the opportunity to become a legend.

I hope to become a career and family are concerned about women. In fact, I like many others, I will go all out in their careers to do our best. "Out of the hall, into the kitchen," is the quality of a woman is most needed In the family, I would seriously make a good wife, good mother, caring home to everyone, so that everyone health, happiness, happiness is my wish. Externally, I can do, only with the heart with force feedback society.

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