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Poker "gambling operation" is not nonsense

Many people think that playing poker all depends on luck, good luck to win, lose bad luck, no skills at all. But it can not be denied is that some people just "blow" on the casino, they will not be a thousand, Other places where luck is not necessarily good, but it is capable of winning regularly, they can always hold "good luck," the secret of where is it?

Sometimes we will see some players will change their style of play lost a few times, such card like stuffy stuffy people suddenly do not, or play a very cautious person suddenly become very bold, these are "transporters "The way some people feel luck is not good enough when it will be decisive departure, it will reduce losses and ensure the long-term income. And also some players will be asked to change positions, but they later changed the location is indeed really transhipment, originally playing cards suddenly very hard to accept the wind in its sails.

Is another location can also change the fortune? In fact, this with the so-called "luck" has nothing to do, but it is not "nonsense", but the real deal of technology. Because "location" for your winning or losing is actually very important, Even more important than a lot of skill.

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Before entering a game, first of all we must observe the players together, observe each person's style, he is a master or a novice, if you want to win money, then master of war and not a good choice. He is very cautious, still playing Very casual? And if very much like sitting in a stuffy card players at home, you often feel very uncomfortable, because if your hand is not, if you talk to, and may be followed by more, whether you will be in with go on a dilemma. not with, I do not know the size of his hand, and give up some pity.

Conversely, if you are in the house he will be very comfortable, because you can choose whether to follow suit, according to other people and make a final decision. And if your home is on a very tight player, your decision will be very easy, the probability of winning it big.

Therefore, the position is very important. If you have been losing money, good luck total not to, we might look at, whether it is your position affects your gambling operation, a change in position, perhaps luck will come.

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