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Play high-frequency color tips

Lottery with the accelerated pace of life with the times, but also constantly evolved a lot of high-frequency color, such as constant color, 11 chooses 5, very happy, and so on, their main feature is mainly fast frequency lottery, few will know, the winning rate quite high, the majority of lottery friends like it, then play always color when actually there are several play it? easy winning it? Here's to Always color Big winner platform, for example, to tell you about it.

The big winner playing constant color constant color which played the most money? Generally there are sufficient funds to play what have earned. Now I have to explain a few games are played to see what kind of games are played for you.

Do not position (that is, only <poisonous> lamps, dual lamps, three bile) Recommendation Index ★★★

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This play rule not much to do introduction. Less capital requirements, the theory is relatively higher returns than 1 lose 3.3 easy to win, but note Is catch cold case number be dead. According to statistics, there have been no positioning gallbladder more than 100 of the missing. If a few million is not enough to catch up with, oh.

This play Cheats: The Fangjiu Fang died chase certain death.!

After a play Recommended ★★

Need some money. Return than ultra-2 Bo 17, the theoretical return ratio is lower than not positioned slightly higher because of the difficulty of winning are not positioned and not positioned as if they do not recommend chasing the number singled out. Catch cold dead even worse It is recommended to do three to four yards Plan

This play Cheats: do 3 to 4 yards of 3 to 4 plans no stop on the recommendations still to do with the professional plan.

After two play Recommended ★★★★★

Bo require higher capital .2 block 170, the basic singled out the success rate is very low. Suggest doing seven yards two plans. Doubling times with 1 to 3 times according to planned re-hang with 1 to 3 times. If it is not met Special The plan basically rotten earn this play Cheats: This play more stable investment relatively larger or phrase: no investment but where's the profit and this is most fond of my own play.

This play Cheats: plan to re-hang the next scheduled start of 1 times net must not always color blind evaluation must be done to redouble peace of mind, not impatient ... (oh crap), unless of course you are particularly abundant funds...

After three elections selected from the group recommended index ★★★

Require higher funding after 1700. Bo elections three two groups of six groups of three 570. 280. singled hard. But the reward ratio is too high, suitable for long-term plan singled to chase numbers. I have a friend who dedicated singled elections 1 Note a chase on the well 10 days to prepare. The sport certainly do not recommend inexperienced novice to do it. It is so also recommend what his reason? Because returns than ultra-high!

This play Cheats: old players have some experience, it will kill the number, to see the trend, look-in value, they will choose the number of groups, shrink or make duplex etc. method requires a relatively high quality and the method is not suitable for novice!!

Summary: In fact, what kind of play is to make money, it is to see how you play, how to make money of course, how to use a set of handy reference for good software even better.!

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