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Choose red color ball lottery number skillful Several Mistakes

As the "three red and one blue not arrived," saying that a lot of color ball betting basketball players are keen to study the election law, but ignored the red ball, in fact, choose a red ball also requires a lot of skill.

At present, many Lottery into the red ball in the election of some misunderstanding, over the pursuit of some so-called "balanced", but contrary to the rules from the real color ball, Xiao Bian summarizes the common misunderstanding red ball three options to see if you can We made the same mistake?

First, the pursuit of mathematical laws

Some Lottery selected a group of selected red ball like a regular number, such as 02,04,06,08,10,12, looks very neat, not knowing that this combination is almost impossible in a group.

Second, like parity symmetry

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Experience indicates, six red ball numbers appear parity ratio 3: 3 when the small, 4: 2 and 2: Case 4, accounted for the majority, so we Pick when the law should also go to the election, in order to improve the hit . rate ShuangSeQiu addition there is a feature, that is the ratio of the proportion of the previous period and this period is often different, for example, if the period is 2: 4, that period you may wish to 4: 2 to elect a look.

Third, the value of digital sum

Some lottery players prefer to select a digital sum, then press the number and value to deduce, in fact, this method does not use big, experience has shown that numbers shake out it is random, but is completely uncertain and values, and the value selected in accordance with the red ball, and will not increase the winning rate.

Select the ball, a lot of people have their own set of methods, and these methods may help them win a lot of injection of money, but in fact, color ball is completely random, tips on winning we might help, but rely entirely on skill is possessed by the devil In Focus skills while receiving luck, enjoy betting brings passion and joy, it is the essence of gaming.

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