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We look at the players to discuss views on the net gambling

Boeing platform I play more, play with other platforms, personally feel are live real-time images, and are not fake !! However, some time ago asked a regular old gamblers in the casino side of the Sino-Burmese border in Myanmar, his Opinions are net gambling desirable. would like to hear your views, please speak their minds. Thank you.

Players: I think as long as the good state of mind where the bet are the same `` !! `` exert influence always suspicious of `` `` affect the mood affect judgment !!

Players: This fake not fake big players care about, play dozens of hundreds of fake not fake, do not consider, and nothing I play little practical significance, even if the black people I do not care who actually care about black me!. ? troublesome enough. If I were one of thousands of play, I certainly worry about, which is concerned about the chaos.

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Players: false fear, then you can not see the words `` false fear unless they go to Macau casino PLAY `or` `people are fake!

Players: I think where gambling is not desirable, the world is not absolutely fair, 10 bet nine fraud, unchangeable truth.

Players: letter there, do not believe no large sub lost money in the letter, is looking for an excuse, won the most money do not believe, it is to boast its own strength!

Players: flutter like, tens of thousands of charges it was a bit worried, because you are not on the scene.

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