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Then say that the mentality of: 2006 to 2007 is my year of brilliance, it was before my wife and I finish school, I three master, my wife two, five master's degree from the University of all 30 former American Ranking.When I go to school only two things, go out and the old United States drag racing, go home to play games, I'm the car, such as life, basically mainstream sports I totally change, we are not familiar with it for The Legend of Speed, ah, 1 trolley changing for the better every open three to five months to sell, buy, and then change, then sell...That is my student life.Games do, now that I think still happy, but also very interesting, few skills round 1 of the screen dead people, uh, RMB players, oh, a lot of the region is also my first, not here to share the time we really very mad, I do not know bragging, that they have qualifications, have the ability to find what works ah, kidding, just put us who resume thrown out, where to not have their own favorite work, let alone return home , there is little relationship between the family, get a job and play with the same.So we were simply despise work to do, what I think about is what, in the United States start their own boss, had freedom, and the future development of good parents to old age, but also to create for them a good pension environment.Entrepreneurs have no money ah, so many years have not played a penny workers, nor income are eating the old, I think also very uncomfortable, and now have graduated also married, no longer eating the old, but also 1 was eating, or not capital.So my wife and I asked the family to face down some money, our family does, better than some worse than others, no money, but not lack of money.So we gave our two $ 200,000, be to me a home and business expenses, the family also put words to understand, after the money they work, are big, the family will not be anything for us to burden the.7 f With my wife and I began to venture capital, and set up his own company, first began to make tourism and health care products, pull domestic tours to the reception to your local travel agent, they drink the way down we have a commission, then met with the benefit of his own health food stores, and of course profits soared.Then still do service, and domestic tourism are linked to, and help them to do to buy the luxury jewelry to the United States children's mother to help them contact centers month, doctors and so on, anyway, is a variety of mentioning all kinds earn, every day Things to do most of the time I can remember in a few money.Less than three months earned almost 30 million dollars, this time hands have about 50 million dollars, I finally freed, can finally do every day and that SB waste of breath, forgive honest and direct.My dream is to do the car, drive line, 500,000 dollars is enough for me, because I was too familiar with the car, and this is my line of train.Dealers so open up, how wise I was, how pretentious...My car dealers opened in the Chinese most prosperous main road, I spent more than 2 times the market price of the extra price, rented a venue, this site is not prime, but in the next shuttle guests travel sites, ie as long as the domestic travel to Los Angeles, regardless of which group you report to, you have a very big chance to get off on my next car dealers.I need to do is to use Chinese characters written on the 8, even if someone big to high myopia without glasses can also see, this eight characters written, export cars, luxury car leasing.The next story we can imagine, an endless stream of various business.Here Taiwan BMW X5 07 years or so, or the Porsche Cayenne, I went to the auction to get around, but also 10,005 dollars, I just rent not sold, leased to business visits, tourism, to accompany his wife reincarnated child, casually a monthly one 3 thousand 5-4000 dollars, I more than 30 car dealers, less than two weeks rented a best light, my wife and I looked at the empty garage space, Yangtianchangxiao, because no 4 months, which is equal to 30 all-white car to me, when I do not understand the car and then sold at high prices to SB, I was saying that the SB see every day, but not today, see you tomorrow.Please forgive my honesty and direct again......This is the middle of the guests I was sent to help the country to go to their designated ports car, his wife began to get involved in real estate, but also a number of money into our hands are soft.Unconsciously should go to the end of 2007, I put dealers as an investment immigration projects sold SB, I think very clearly, with my tourist money to expand the business, then earn.That SB bought my garage, so he can not go on when I again cheap buy, I will more than one car dealers.Everything is carried out smoothly with my plan.Just one more point in time, the principal amount of our hands have reached 3 million US dollars to succeed..It's all too well, the money has to come too easy.This makes me even more carried away, I am confident that as long as I want to make money, paved with gold, then go before the next new car line, I made a decision to change my life, that with his wife to travel, take a break, too busy more than 1 year, are tired, took three months time, the place of the United States have not been playing over and over, to go out to the consumer, just three months time to buy my car dealers estimated that SB fast does not survive I took all of his customers, of course, with a lot of "policies" that he mastered the "tricks" a lot of money, which are enough to make him close down cycle greatly accelerate.Well, start, and we chose the freedom to drive, I did not expect this trip to start our nightmare......In my opinion, the United States only four places, gas stations, churches, nightclubs (Bar), Casino! Blind bet our trip so began, before that we know nothing about casinos, only occasionally eat dinner.Parents who understand what it blind bet?Pure......: This tour is really terrible, painful ah!

3 months from the original plan of this journey continued to fast six months, the results we all know, lost more than 200 million US dollars. Process really did not want to talk, too JB disgusting, only one thing to say it, we go play Blackjack, Where we go, where people are scattered immediately, like the plague, like hide, why? Because we are SB, people thought we were hired to scourge the casino tables, Zhuang 6:00 I 17:00 SB Oh I want to brand it , the table also pressing my poor 5000 dollars. Really not worth mentioning. But learn something also considered various casino Game Will play, and the pattern I have all kinds of slot machines Nengkanmingbai ...... this state home two individuals did not think, not that money do not go to make a profit, but this time we locked into place to make money fortune casino is also doing business, creating what the industry, we're going to take back our lost casino. early 2008, we entered the casino, of course, this is only the beginning and then once again we failed, the only The difference is that we started the study.

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This time we really do not mind doing anything else, defeated casino is small, the money is small, the problem is this defeat spurred us that two "feisty" of the heart, self-esteem is broken in one place.We are satisfied, but do not recognize.I am a Buddhist, I do not vegetarian, alcohol-based Friends, but I really really believe in Buddhism......Because to me the meaning of Buddhism is that change does not accept their fate, the emphasis is by wisdom, by constantly learning to accomplish this cycle again and again.Buddha just above looking at me, never reached to help me, but my efforts Buddha must appear, it would surely appear given me the opportunity, it is possible to have a chance to win.I can once again failed, but they fail again and again bound to make me strong, do not call me to win, to me you have to win the day with interest the whole back to me, I said, how much interest would be much.We were asked a lot of questions myself first games there is no way to crack?There are no loopholes can be used by us to profit?E various game has no so-called tips that can improve odds?Why am I losing casino, Casino Why I win?Probability of winning or losing the game in the end is how much variety?Z With these questions, I have to buy books, go to a variety of bookstores, brought back more than 20 books on gambling, whether Chinese English all buy, all looking, hoping to find a professional books answers."Casino passbook" "Blackjack Supreme Master" "winning Blackjack" "around the Earth gambling", "Baccarat Hall" "Star eight innings," "Casino probabilistic" "Extreme Baccarat master" "count card entry, "" Casino Vulnerability Revealed, "" beat the dealer ", etc., etc....

At the same time I was accurate and reliable online search and browse the author of the book, to verify the information in the search for this information at the same time I also saw a lot of legends career gambler, and their ideas, they succeeded unknown sad behind All these make me feel shocked.At the time I felt the first time is so small, in front of the casino is not as small an ant, in successful back there, are not the place for me, even a few 10 years after.Of course, I was very frustrated, but I did not give up so easily.I went to the American side of the professional DB websites and forums to find what data on the lucky side of the data Dili too much to force, a variety of data from various games of net income fundus, baccarat is a small database hundreds of millions of SHOE, SHOE up to 20 billion -500 one hundred million of various kinds of data, the results of various data analysis obtained good guide my understanding of probability.This time we did not just stay home and study, or go to the casino, because I Shi Zhanpai player, and my philosophy is to apprenticeship, to pay tuition, fees are reluctant to pay, they will not learn to the real thing, only live ammunition dry, to call me to make progress.At this stage, my understanding is I believe the data, but I do not depend on the data, I can refer to the data to make a decision, but the data can not replace me to make a decision.Grounds?Data is dead, people are living, the computer will only accept instruction, the computer itself and not thinking, computer instruction instruction accepts only those fixed thinking, do a fixed combination of data analysis.Example?The world-wide advanced, most comprehensive computer data so far have not beat the human chess master.Here you come out of a topic, any fixed itself can not beat baccarat play, please note that I said here fixed play itself, the opportunity to have a win, the user would have to integrate into the appropriate target emotions and money management, such as "He cut green".Massive flying data and a new understanding of knowledge, and so my wife and I called a hard time to accept and understand, leading to defeat and a stage in the casino, more than three months, and he lost more than 50 million dollars, then stay all the money in our hands has less than 50 million dollars.This allows us to have a sense of crisis more or less, we have decided to suspend DB behavior.These three months, we travel throughout the US west coast all the casinos, north to Seattle, south of San Diego, there is Las Vegas.We tried to go gambling regulation is not so tight, players can use the casino, we fail.Example?For example blackjack hand wash and cut card less than 1.5DECK, or blackjack village not take A6 plus cards, baccarat cards with 6DECK and as long as 14 or less than 14, or blackjack village to get A, the player can choose to surrender...and so on.These are the players that can be utilized to improve the win rate in disguise, but unfortunately, no casino capital can be said to have done a perfect and extreme.

This is more than three months, we have learned a variety of blackjack card counting method,Texas Hold'em Financial management system, objectives and management-related emotional content. Understanding DB, a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of each game DB data, including the relationship between the rate and the odds of winning. Majority Rule and the casino advantage, nonlinear thinking and management inch head , etc., etc. So far, the principal amount of less than 50 million dollars, DB acts pause, looking for a way out. family meeting convened for this, my wife and comprehensive analysis of all the elements I have mentioned above, we draw The following results must select a main direction, only the smallest house edge game play, these games include blackjack, baccarat, lun plate and Dice, There is Texas Hold'em, this is rather special, is the player and the player to bet, many factors involved, so shelve.Lun pan and dice were eliminated on the grounds that these two games a waste of time efficiency is relatively low, and lun 0 and 00 points to open the disc through lose, dice through open leopard kill, the casino advantage is more prominent than blackjack baccarat.2 nine p.m. and baccarat, baccarat eliminated on the grounds that the advantages outweigh the casino baccarat blackjack, and baccarat can not count cards can be phased relative increase winning percentage, but nine p.m. can.Finally, a reason, much higher than the amplitude baccarat blackjack.Reason, one is the conclusion of data, 2 is the fact that, in the casino, blackjack and baccarat same minimum code 25 dollars, $ 500 maximum code tables, blackjack tables in the casino chip tray only prepared to not less than $ 40,000 principal amount to, (ie less than $ 40,000 need to be supplemented).But baccarat tables, casino chips tray ready capital can not be less than 10 million dollars, (less than 10 million dollars on the need to add).These are our plans in advance to understand the details in the casino each shift, the number of chips in each stage count, we are very careful attention to the number of chips on a casino table, change.Discussed above, later decided to only play blackjack using card counting and money management strategies to achieve stable profit.; Later determined not to touch the casino slot machine.Finally, there is a family meeting two issues have not been resolved, first of all a matter of choice blackjack and Texas Hold'em, followed us with a bold vision, we can not, as we see a legend like to gamble for a living, to become a professional gambler, can achieve stable earnings by casino?Around us in the end there is no person to win?With these two did not solve the problem, my wife made a bold decision, she was going to the casino when the dealer, the dealer, one to be able to learn more about the casino operation and management mode, look no no loophole for We can use 2 to be her day Man licensing may lose, she will be very happy, because we have to lose, she would like to see others through licensing lose yourself some fun and mental balance.3 is the most important, her daily work at the casino, she wanted to find in the real casino, in the end there can not lose a day, can win continued stable earnings of people......

Today, nothing else whim wife, looking for a piece of moon scimitar old view, bored watching write something, feel good, and then update the last person comes to the casino looking for win.Have to go to work to go to a casino dealer school licensing, far side of the school is to learn, usually three months semester, tuition 2500-3000 dollars, which three months will learn all casino games, rules, shuffle, licensing, the number of chips, etc..Society sent after casino comprehensive exam, passed the exam on your schedule to go to work, it's that simple.After going to work a month to earn a little $ 5,000, and now the economic downturn, about 2008, licensing the casino a month 15 thousand dollars earn less are considered friends.Because of their own in the past on what we have to play, so learn something relatively quickly, my wife spent more than one month on the whole learned, successfully passed the exam, then went to work.She went to the casino is the birthplace of Texas Hold'em World Championship, one of America's oldest casino Bicycle, this casino is no slot machines, casino table is pure, from this casino 5-minute drive away is the world's largest casino tables , Commerce.Of course, it is worth mentioning that, in studying the licensing process, we understand more deeply what is the probability.DB probability throughout this process, and even from the shuffling began.If you use the same technique reshuffle, after a certain number of times, the deck is substantially equal unwashed, the most scientific way to shuffle the cards to find a place to throw open the heavens, then picked up one by one as blind as to put together.In theory, this reshuffle way to understand it will not be occupation will shuffle players use card counting, but difficult to implement in the casino, so the casino requires a different approach, a different allocation of the cross and when shuffling law to wash, to maximize damage may be the player the opportunity to take advantage of these casinos are clearly defined, you have to perform in accordance with the strict requirements of the casino.See this, you can not think to learn to shuffle, chase cards, what note card, a dedicated teaching techniques and probability shuffling books tell you nothing, thicker than the Xinhua Dictionary, directly abandon I looked after I think you have to read for one year, to practice a 45-year look, unimaginable, incomprehensible......Moreover example, black Pai Gow and Pai Gow Poker (7) There are many different ways of placing casinos have their own specific pendulum method, called the house way, and we have a lot of players are not the same habits.Our players will always be thinking about risk to profit, but the casino always wanted is to reduce the transmission rate, which is the use of the probability is very small difference to first seek not lose.Figuratively, 55 66 KQ 9 on this hand, the casino will select 55 to put a lot of players with KQ9 placed below the top 66, they want the head of one pair of big, big chance of winning.But the casino is fixed pendulum method KQ above 55,669 in the following, 5566 that two pairs will not leave unless there is more than one pair of 7 or leaflets have A.Although these two kinds of methods apparently makes no difference, but in terms of probabilities, the pendulum method of transmission rate casinos, but greatly reduced.Then my wife went to work, my wife is very happy every day, because people lose handle every day, a little girl is not pretty scolded those men dealers, every day people are cursing the idea that nozzle.My wife looked at people every day, all kinds of play, a variety of overweight variety lose much psychological balance, swept away before we losing the unhappy.In her own words, you really do not satisfied, you 17 I 18 I 19 18 you, you 20, I'm 21, ha ha, happy, heart happy, satisfied to find I play nine p.m..Of course, at the same time I was very happy because I also lose money, I went to work and started my career in Texas Poker Tour, they lose badly, lose the experience, lose Technically, lost in the so-called money management, lost in this industry do not understand, really Gehangrugeshan, this world is really very best, I personally experience the first time really, what is a professional player, what kind of quality they have and Mind, they are how to stabilize the casino profits.I really was this job 2 word deeply shocked.Tired, then the next free update.

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Is there a way to get 15 yards + profit at 15 hands off? Or, is it possible to get 15 yards 13-14 Hand That benefits? There are no cables to change with the combined period possible?

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"Well, Citie stop there, he would not be renewed. I wrote a less than 10% of the content, but I can not convince myself to continue to write anymore. Ancestral reward meal, I do not write your own too will realize, do not reward ancestral rice, you do not embarrass yourself. do not intend to say, I do not want to waste your time, but do not want to waste their own. forgive me! (the yet empty)

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