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Gaming old man recently arranged in three: one hundred plus bits equals 10

Overall Analysis: Number of gravity has clearly shifted to the right trend, large area cold code 6,8,9 have thawed, with the exception trumpet missing values ​​greater than 3, and the remaining numbers are performing well, then more consideration trumpet 0 3 and 7,9 with a large number; quintile chart, consider ten small amplitude might even opened, one hundred, a bit larger places at the same time the possibility of sharp swings, positioning bile code, respectively : 7 ** * 9 *, ** 0.

Thermal Behavior Analysis: Even after a full combination appeared again, there are hot even potential may gradually subside, the current round of a two-odd combination of a dual focus, but to consider once again the odd parity covering direct elections, small duplex recommend "7+ even + odd "; two in a small medium and small combination appears four times in the last five period, the next hot trend diminished, but two small a combined expected stead, more consideration for bile to 5 with 012 two combination.

Cold analysis: All big combinations currently omission of 32, before it thawed, two small combination will have more opportunities, pay close attention to the size of the large direct elections appear small duplex recommend "Great +2+ big"; a neighbor a lone a combination pass slightly less around the Spring Festival, the recent warming state wishing to enter the next phase may be considered 1357,0489,26 each form a group of six.

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Trend Analysis: Future issues of the bullish trend is as follows: in the middle of a high-frequency region and values ​​even more obvious tendency to open, the next phase of the key areas is 14-19 points, including the most trend 16:00, followed by consideration of 15 and 17 points; span on Look, the current round of attention span edge performance to focus on cross-9, anti-1 cross.

Relationship Analysis: Possibility Note 1 routing number one hundred (147) and ten numbers 0 Road (0369) opened simultaneously; the attention the possibility of ten and ten amplitude amplitude 3 4,6 occur simultaneously; Follow one hundred plus bits equals 10.

Reference number of the first 14033-034: 790,792,797,397,720,920,732,737,736,990.

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