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Sands Macao casino gambling must retain all records of officials

According to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that Las Vegas Sands in March this year, acknowledged that the SEC and the Justice Department whether the group has violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and investigation.

According to the "Washington Post" said Ms. Las Vegas Sands Corp. general counsel Hayman, internal communications issued to employees of the Group, with the SEC to subpoena before the group issued a similar content.

Las Vegas Sands's legal adviser issued an internal communication, require employees to keep a record of the names of all worked in Macau Sands Macau gambling money from officials. Reported that this move shows that the US Government to this group launched investigation of bribery of foreign officials, the focus has been concentrated in the list body.

Hyman internal communication, employee instruction Sands sure to save all of today or before Macau officials and their families, "everything has a value of information" file. Files with particular named several Sands employees and contractors the names, they must keep the relevant document.

One is named, according to the "Wall Street Journal" reported that Chinese nationals native Portuguese lawyer Macau Ou Lian Executive Council members. Ou Lian also Eleventh CPPCC National Committee. Intercom Hyman issued to require their employees to save him "all material relevant."

Ou Lian is the Sands Macau casino outside counsel, he told the "Washington Post" reporter, according to the law in Macau, the casino shall not disclose material about him, "According to law, all the material about my work in Macao, must be kept secret ʱ??

According to "Washington Post" reported that Las Vegas Sands has been hiring O'Melveny & Myers law firm, on the case syndicates bribe foreign government to conduct an independent investigation, in July this year, the firm had to send a 30-person survey Mission to Macau collect the relevant documents. "Washington Post" reported according to sources, the firm is investigating two Chinese nationals about the Sands Macao in connection with the Macau government employees, one of whom, according to the "Washington Post" reported, Macao vice president's Venetian Sands Casino Social Affairs Liangxiao Mu (transliteration), 梁小牧 also been reported that a member of the Executive Council of the Macao beam Werther sister.

Ms. Hyman in internal communication, it is required to retain all of its employees a list of casino gamblers aboard the plane fly or fly to Macau, the employee must also keep "all relevant officials in Macau Sands Macao gambling gambling money from the information", including video recording and other evidence According to Macau law, local officials are not allowed to set foot in a casino, in addition to outside the Chinese New Year.

In order to assist the US authorities investigate, Las Vegas Sands particular hiring of former Justice Department legal adviser La Fosen as the Group's global general counsel, Ms. Hyman appointed as senior vice president of corporate relations, direct to pull Folsom report. The personnel arrangements, based on internal communications Sands issued by the main Xiyidusen disclosed.

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