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Intertops Casino offers promotions seventy thousand US dollars for the new season

NFL (National Football League) back, Intertops Casino will offer a total of seventy thousand US dollars of preferential activity of the new season. As usual, all players have a chance to win prizes. The first prize will be sent pen September 11, the event will until October 16.

Intertops Casino players will be ranked according to the amount wagered and frequency of their rank, so everyone can win a prize. Every week, ranking the first place in the standings players will receive five hundred US dollars reward.

Players can always check their position on the "seventy thousand US dollars football" list, and comes with game details and betting details.

There are two opportunities per week, hundreds of players will be notified via email that they have won a free bonus of two hundred and fifty US dollars from the start of the season until October 16, Intertops Casino will be serving a total of seventy thousand US dollars bonus.

Intertops Casino has over 300 online slot games and casino games like roulette, blackjack, etc., which launched this summer, the popular multiplayer roulette.

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