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International Billiard Federation to join the betting company to deal with gambling case

2012 on the Hayward Masters snooker is hot, as the President of the World Federation of Taiwan, in order to promote billiard sports Ferguson visited Shanghai face of Chinese media, Ferguson on the separation and the World Federation of Taiwan snooker how anti-gambling issue expressed their views at the World Billiards Center moved to the east now, Ferguson is more emphasis on the development of snooker in China than ever.

International Billiard Federation jointly against gambling and betting company

Snooker football sport in recent years, match-fixing has become unavoidable gray words, just a few days ago, Thailand's tower Chaiya and old world number one's game, Davis was also involved in the match-fixing scandal, for match-fixing, Ferguson said joint betting companies will be the most effective measures to stifle this farce of.

"We must ensure clean innocent snooker, so we adhere to the zero tolerance policy, as long as identification of gambling, no matter who you are, the future will be subject to the most severe punishment. Put simply, is banned for life, I hope you can against such tough policies to prevent match-fixing. "For specific measures, Ferguson explained to reporters," is defined is not a match-fixing is not easy, after all, in terms of technology snooker is a very fine campaign, top tens the name of the player strength is also very close, it is difficult to judge by the game itself, but we have now found a new and better way. "

According to Ferguson's argument, first of all, the World Federation of Taiwan and major sports-related organizations have occasional exchange, the trouble can have a timely response, more importantly, now betting companies also joined in, carry out sweeping gambling crackdown, " This is the most crucial point, match-fixing and betting the company will certainly be related to betting, betting companies and therefore we are now forming a close contact, and reached a consensus, once betting bookmakers found abnormal, it will timely feedback to us, and to assist We launched an investigation, which helps to stifle any match-fixing in the cradle. "

TSU implementation of "separation of management."

Ferguson since he took office, his snooker career tournament drastic reforms, such as cancellation of 147 points out of shot bonus, match-fixing and punish events and other significant increase, for their own reforms, Ferguson outspoken positive, "In the past the world TSU situation is not particularly good, and it does not matter who comes into power, mainly structural and institutional problems, so we make the world TSU into two, became the World Professional Billiards Association and the World Snooker Limited, the former focused events, the latter pushing commercial operation, I and Mr. Barry Hearn one end of each tube, so we are more focused, more professional level work, is bound to help the rapid development of the sport.ʱ??

In fact, Ferguson and Hearn came to power much related to Yin, the control of World Snooker Limited 51% stake in commercial operation right and after Hearn will step back, but the world as operators TSU world all rely on Sri Lanka Knox Co., the staff members of the World Federation of Taiwan were all paid for by the World Snooker Limited title wage, President of the World Federation of Taiwan and the Taiwan Solidarity Union and so only the equivalent of the world's commercial director positions Co., plainly, the current world table Hearn co-chairs is nothing but wage earners.But one thing is worthy of recognition, in cooperation Hearn and Ferguson, snooker professional events more professional than in the past indeed, commercialized.

Here, Ferguson also admitted that commercial development has been associated with the world of work station with peeling, "Business development has not owned the world TSU pipe, we have to do is run professional events, take care to more players." For China ranking tournament schedule span is too large, so that some foreign players back and forth, resulting in players objections, Ferguson is unmoved, "Our goal is to do three, one, everyone is equal; Second, improve the scoring system; three, increase in prize money. But we can not just take care of the players in Europe, but also for the sake of the Chinese players, and now China tournaments schedule distribution is appropriate for them. "

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