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Mainland Hong Kong and Macao Gaming player betting revenue increase over Las Vegas

"It will be very welcome horse Mandarin-speaking people." Blue Ice (a pseudonym) told the "Financial Times" reporter. For those who work for him in Hong Kong Jockey Club, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, Mainland players behind the contribution of high income without Calculation is already clear.

HK $ 93.8 billion (US $ 12 billion), which is betting turnover for the fiscal year of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. According to the reporter queried data, this amount has surpassed the United States Las Vegas, Nevada, where all the casinos income.

For already more than Las Vegas, Macau betting revenue, also enjoy the betting industry rebound. Newspaper previously reported, late last year, in the middle of strong anti-corruption, improve the style of the background under official Macau casino business was confined But the rise of the June data to prove that this is still a huge market.

Happy Valley noisy

Racing also summer holidays, from July 10, the Hong Kong Jockey break into the two-month season. Data Hong Kong Jockey Club (the Hong Kong Jockey Club) released data show that as of 2012 to 2013 fiscal year on June 30, the Hong Kong Jockey Club to get more than HK $ 938 million in betting turnover, an increase of 9%, beyond the year 1996 to the amount of 1997 to a record high.

This reporter queries Nevada Las Vegas where official data discovery, June 1, 2012 - May 31, 2013, all local taxable income of approximately $ 10.13 billion, an increase of only 2.29%.

Las Vegas "the world's first casino," the name is already outdated gangster film plot, Statistics and Census Service of Macao SAR Government figures show that in 2006, after more than the former, 2012 Macau betting revenue is 拉斯维Vegas 7 times. The former was HK $ 295.3 billion, which is $ 5 billion (about HK $ 38.8 billion).

Today, the concern is that Hong Kong is how those potential customers, "advised under" Macau ferry.

Out of the subway exit A Causeway Bay, not far from the Happy Valley Racecourse, just recently, there is also filled with Mandarin, Cantonese and mainland colored dialects, Racing crossed the line a moment, there victor laugh, there are losers dejected, and many players from the mainland are holding the most important thing in mind, after the game is also still talking and laughing sitting in situ, reluctantly.

Huang, who has been involved in horse racing in the mainland, told this reporter, said: "Two years ago, there were already a lot of people betting on horse races in the mainland, there are a lot of betting on horse races or specially came to Hong Kong."

"The Jockey Club opened in Sheung Shui, Fanling bet betting (from the two regions closer Shenzhen) is very alarming." Lan Bing said, "For example, right, a bet of the equivalent of Sheung Shui Station two Mongkok. "

From 2004 the new season, the Hong Kong horse racing bets allow non-local people, as long as a Hong Kong bank account, and present a valid proof of identity and proof of address file, you can open betting accounts. This means that mainland tourists no longer need to "relatives and friends" Cross Habitat bet.

According to the blue ice that serves as the Jockey Club in horse racing is the role of intermediaries, and Macau casino similar nature, all horses, jockeys, venues, etc. are provided by the Jockey Club, and the players want to bet on horses, you need to pay certain "fees", which is part of the "fee" is also the Jockey Club steady source of income. But behind the stable income, but also means high taxes, according to the Jockey Club from 2011 to 2012 earnings, the Jockey Club betting revenue 140.02 million, of which 10.159 billion Hong Kong dollars are used to pay the horse race betting duty, to make horse racing's net profit rate of only 27%.

Secretly rivalry

Although the Hong Kong Jockey income beyond the Nevada gambling revenue, but far behind in Macau. According to US media reports, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Jockey Club will be home cypress (Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges) in an interview, said the Jockey Club in order to increase sales , it is through revenue-sharing agreements attempt to keep more people in Hong Kong last year to Hong Kong residents in Macao "try their luck" to spend HK $ 26 billion, but should be home Bo Jockey Club this year's goal is to attract back to Hong Kong residents spent in Macau Gambling third of approximately HK $ 8.67 billion.

Mainland a tour guide surnamed Li told reporters: "In fact, with the group of tourists to Hong Kong horse races really small, which our group is carrying cash to Macau."

Macau, a casino lounge corner, holding a phone messenger response phone Gangster with half-baked Mandarin: "Are you sure?" Such scenes are not uncommon.

Macau casino is divided into three parts, namely, Lounge, midfielder hall and slot machines. The highest revenue from Lounge last year, earnings of HK $ 205 billion, accounting for 69% of total Macau betting revenue.

Earlier this year, the Macau casino earnings show signs of decline, according to the Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau Government data, April gross betting revenue in Macau absolute pillar lucky betting rose 13.2%, the growth rate compared with March nearly half. But the latest data, the world's largest betting market has revived. Statistics and Census Service of Macao SAR data show that in May the local gross betting revenue approaching 29.68 billion patacas (US $ 0.125 1 patacas), up an increase of 13.5%, an increase since the record high time this year. In June, the lucky gross betting revenue also grew by 21.1%, the second highest increase of a record six months.

Nannan told this reporter in Macau, a large casino lounge work (a pseudonym), since June suddenly emerged a large number of mainland gamblers, many of them people carry a lot of money, so the casino staff also increased the workload . "Recently, a lot of people in the lounge, have been in the casino more than a month." Nannan disclosed.

Gaming and hotel industry analyst, said in a securities institutions, the past few "diving" gamblers began to slowly return to lounge, to further promote business growth in Macau casinos.

Deviate from fundamentals

Blue ice revealed that in the past few years, when the economy is poor, bet Jockey Club will be showing a slowdown, the situation even backwards, but now it seems, the mainland economy is slowing under pressure, the Hong Kong economy interdependent with the mainland economy, breaking the horse racing revenue somewhat incredible new high, while the Macau casino business is the same, said brokerage analysts believe, in fact, no substantive Macau casino fundamentals of recovery, the rebound may last base less relevant.

Another betting market sources said, if the economy has been poor to a certain extent, may enhance people's speculation, past a survey, bets in some relatively poor regions of Hong Kong betting even more than Central (Hong Kong more developed regions ) of bet, indicating the poor if desperate, or when the economy is getting worse, the mentality flourishes Some may be more intense.

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