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EU to combat money laundering requirements bookmakers real-name registration

According to reports, the European Union has announced that in order to completely eliminate the phenomenon of money laundering, Europe Gaming company Will be subject to more stringent restrictions. For this reason, the economy, justice and interior affairs committee of the European Parliament has passed a law requiring betting company responsible EU Member States to government agencies for registration and prohibit anonymous registration.

Under this law, the EU will have the power to decide which betting business does not comply, in particular the Government considers it highly risky business of money-laundering.According to regulations, operators must disclose their information on a dedicated website for people to view, however, in order to protect business privacy, operators responsible only required minimum information disclosure.In addition, operators each paid more than 2,000 euros in prize money, while the winners must be allowed to accept a "customer information survey".EU regulators said the lottery welcomed the new law, EU spokesman said the adoption of the law on the road in Europe marks combating tax evasion and money laundering a major step forward, reflecting the EU's pursuit of transparency.

According to UN statistics, in 2009 the amount involved in the world of money laundering up to $ 1.6 trillion, accounting for 2.7 percent of global GDP that year.

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