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China Macau betting gamble triggered off a new battle

US "Business Week" Web site on February 23 article, the original title: "Chinese high rollers in Macau trigger a new battle."

20 years ago, the Macau betting wealth has triggered a shootout gang members. Today, a new conflict is brewing, but this is handy for private planes, luxury cars and huge loans.

The latest battle in Casino Its long-term partner Diego yards Aberdeen(Also known as stack code earners - betting intermediary) between the years unfold, Diego yards Aberdeen responsible for attracting mainland gamblers, providing interest-free loans to circumvent restrictions on mainland to carry cash out of the country, but now, some.Gaming company Also provide the same service.

"Direct to attract VIP customers so that we get a very high profit margins," MGM China CEO Bowie said Deutsche Bank analyst Dengjia Yun said that if the casino does not pay directly to entertain mainland visitors to Diego yards commission earners, the income will increase 10-15%. Some people even think that this number may be more than 50%.

In any case, the world's highest-paid betting center in Macau, the casino own business tantamount to a revolution. Now, though gambling is still firmly in the hands of the intermediary market, but already feel the pressure. "We are being squeezed pressure ", said a young Diego yard.

In 2002, Sands China, five new companies to enter the Macau betting market, they also rely Diego yards earners, because they are banned in the mainland market and there is no legal means to recover the debt. But after 10 years of operation, these companies are already familiar with China Mainland rich, including once Candu mainland tycoons.

However, Diego yards earners is unlikely to be totally out of the industry. For example, Stanley Ho's Macau company is still entirely dependent on Diego yards earners for their clients to attract Lounge, currently does not intend to change the status quo, because Diego yards earners only familiar with the Mainland of China high rollers, but also willing to take the risk of loans to make casino prohibitive.

In Macau, gambling agency has more than 200, they have a huge network of relationships in the mainland, to understand the situation of a city or province rich, at least for these people have a general understanding of personal net worth.

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