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Baccarat winning or losing three factors: the probability of single-betting and mentality changes

Baccarat should be said that many games, the most fair, winning or losing in 50%. Want to win money playing baccarat, one look at the probability of road mono-, di-, is betting the changes, the three most important is the mentality ʱ??

Let me first point and the second point, these two are complementary.Probability is actually very simple, since winning or losing is 50% (excluding and is not), then how do you know a great chance at a busy village or a large chance of it, generally speaking waybill will show the so-called law to help you judge But sometimes you are not allowed to judge and pressure Zhuang the busy, busy pressing the village, I think many people have encountered such a situation, my first point in the village said the probability is not idle probability, but you The probability of winning or losing, some people may say that since Zhuang busy in half, then in half also be the winners and losers, it is true, which requires the use of a second point betting changes to help you achieve the winning goal.Playing baccarat, you may wish to record about your bets, see if you win or lose the case, there are a lot of people in straight sets, will increase the stakes, this is very dangerous.Save NOTE win lose less, or stop, but you can win more than lose less consider filling, when a lot of people win but minus note, while constantly filling in lost time, resulting in fewer winning or losing in the final to win more than half or even lose Under the circumstances, or lose.

As for the road alone, everyone has their own set of views, it is difficult to say clearly, but do not the anti-dragon, remember, many people are lost, anti-dragon to keep filling, in order to ensure not to lose, once the capital inadequate or the upper limit, the losses Ning with long queues, most did not win to keep up with the number of a note of it, if it is to continue to win with, even if I lose this note is not lose not win.

So I talk about myself betting method, write your own betting records, win lose less Save note or stop; win or lose substantially in half when a note straight sets, or two injection after filling; win more than lose less filling As for how the betting limit changes in the course of the game to hold their own.

Mentality: bogey greedy, impatient bogey, bogey proud, humble in victory and defeat with grace it is very easy to say, hard to do when you feel dizzy or bad luck, that is to lose more time, certain To stop, adjust, do not want twelve NOTE win back, so very dangerous.

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