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Baccarat's new negative into law

11111/222/3333/6666/12 1212 12/48 48 ......

Custom recommend setting goals to win five more stable base code if you are lucky in the flat Note 1 to complete the task before

The solution is not to see the total number of the village and in the open more than idle hands after more than 10 free bet the whole (of course, the more favorable difference)

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A level Note 1 leisure lose five base code will open five more hand turn Zhuang B

B Flat Note 2 win to six base code back to earn a group code A lose six base code switch C is more open 3 Zhuang hands to lose 8 hand always lose 11 base code

C level Note 3 wins to 12 yards back A group earned a group yard lose 12 base code to D is to open four more hands to the village lose 12 hands total output 23 base code

D flat note 6 to 24 groups win back yard to make a group code A lose 24 base code switch E is the village to open four more hands to lose 16 hands always lose 47 base code

E flat note 12 wins to 48 yards back A group earned a group yard lose 48 base code switch F is open four more hands to the village lost 20 lots total output 95 base code

F flat note 48 wins to 96 yards back A group earned a group code which is in the village more than idle hands to open 30 more than the worst case as long as you can to earn back the hands busy A

Of course, this is the worst case may not be so this method solves the ceiling Casino with enough capital to play down expectations will occur free of

Probability is certainly not broken ^ - ^ I wish you all make a little money Ha

Players Comments: Principal large not everyone can accept, and is not Baoying, even win a month, as long as the lost day went collapse

Players Comments: This method I've used up their own understanding of large numbers want to come out .. also won several later to once a clear bags .. and my thoughts still conservative than you say it .. in. Zhuang more than idle ninth. I began at leisure. And I just want to win four flat bets on it. Results breath rushed to the village to three dozen. After pulling back and forth according to the lowest fall .. Back when the difference between the twenty-one. I lost two in addition to the base code. (also lose pumping. I play the village are busy pumping pumping 2 percent) and later washed up all the way. to a difference of 55, when I clear bags a .. Later, large numbers also did not see the number you want to rush ...

Also I tried many times before it's used. Test at most twenty times when you fall. Often differ zero will return later that day to lose .. .. .. hey at times looked. Not really .. probability theory will not be broken. But how much of it you want to turn the circle came back .. is impossible to know ..

Players Comments: This method must be combined with a suitable bead road code, find every day a 1: 1 contrast method Zhuang leisure, this cable is 100% winning.

Players Comments: The key is to the back 96 aloof, but also insisted on not?

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