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Simple is win - On Baccarat level Note

10 level Note I believe we are all familiar, if only count wins and a tie situation (excluding tie, lose situation is contrary to equity and therefore will not be repeated), it has the following composition:

10: 0 to 100% margin of 10 Note

9: 1 And 90% margin of 8 Note

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8: 2 80% margin of 6 Note

7: 3 70% margin of 4 Notes

6: 4 60% margin of 2 Note

5: 5 50% tie

In fact, I counted eight words of similar effect level Note:

8: 0 100% margin of 8 Note

7: 1 87.5% margin of 6 Note

6: 2 75% margin of 4 Notes

5: 3 62.5% margin of 2 Note

4: 4 50% tie

8 personally feel better than 10, that the Casino The fewer shots the more favorable for us, but from the above comparison is similar Wins

And another issue I want to talk about how to look simply to win?

Some tables appear large deviations, such as Baccarat Johnson does not even busy even, I believe we must have seen, what I do not want to bet eight connected there, as in the first round has appeared more than 62.5 percent winning percentage, has been able to call it a day.

As in the first round eight are lost, turn the opposite field to find large deviations, such as before 8 all in the village and defeated a few note, after more than a desk looking busy eight free bets

To sum up the battle can be seen as the principal about 12-13 NOTE enough, because the first eight, unless really all lose, otherwise the result should not be less than 2: 6,8 mouth money is enough money four second round fight, one more capital injection of money ready pumping purposes only.

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