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Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [four]

The day before yesterday and yesterday and you discuss, are there concerns codes. Usually gamblers have a weakness, it is eager to win the game, hoping in the next few hand, if there is a spread win, you can completely to regain lost ground, but also profitable.

So, straight cable, Mario cable, cable stairs, etc., are built on this idea and designed many of these people love gambling cables used have a common characteristic, that is:. "Win win granulated sugar but lose will lose between plants. "intent think a comeback shop design, mostly happens presupposes a clear bag laid trap.Casino The reason business is surging, day into ten million gold circle, these harmful cable valuable.

Yesterday I had you discuss remedies after cable break, I am sure you all know. Today I want to continue to add, that must be considered when the relevant bet "Value Bo" problem.

The most commonly used four straight to cable 1, 2, 4, 8, for example, if a basic bet is $ 100, then we are ready to bet stakes will be: 200, 400 and 800 yuan we all know,Baccarat Zhuang busy odds are one lose one, it means that we buy 100 yuan win, the casino will pay 100 yuan to us (before pumping). In other words, we are 100 yuan capital bets, wins , and you can bet to win 100% of the principal amount of the profits.

With four straight cable, the first shop is 100 yuan Bo 100 yuan, 100 percent profitable; second shop is 200 yuan Bo 100 yuan, can profit 50%; third shop is 400 yuan Bo 100 yuan, will receive Lee 25 percent; and the fourth shop is 800 yuan Bo 100 yuan, a 12.5% ​​gain per stage can be won by the highest number of only 100 yuan (excluding pumping), but off the cable will lose $ 1,500 which is enough. Bo a little big way, so not worth it, and it does not encourage use.

Today I logout Mr. Feng Yun forecast magic, his many years of original research baccarat method, accuracy is very high, hope that users can read through carefully and come up with a casino license open road record than on paper to look at, Fung will know there is no wrong.

Second, the forecast magic:

We in numerous studies, found a characteristic: According to this feature we can predict the strength of the village after a busy distribution.

For example: when the village party or leisure, there are two or more at once fired (Heat Team), the become a single open (only open one), then you can predict the future will prescribe, the more is its the other based. We should accordingly focus betting on the other hand (ie the other party) to go.

For example: We are now betting strategy is to buy a village-based, if you encounter the following situations occur:

Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang (Zhuang fired)


Zhuang (Chuang single open)

Busy busy busy (the target by the second betting shop started immediately shifted to buy idle based "anti-buy" principle with a flat note buy)

This is my basic prediction magic seemingly simple enough, but I was able to study more than a dozen twenty years developed out. This feature, ninety-nine percent of people do not know to play baccarat! We With this prediction magic, you can increase the accuracy of our bets.

Chapter 4: Bet village idle formula

Most people busy village way bet "see the village with the village to buy, see busy with buy idle." We used this as a basic method of betting, then, depending on the situation to adjust policy.

In the casino, we are each a new station starts every shoe brand poker eight total, about sixty brand shop around. Deductions and office, in fact, only fifty shop brand. If we want to grasp the biggest win money opportunity, must start from the new card!

When the Board, we look at a shop, and then began the second betting shop In other words: When the Board first shop opened a brand or a leisure village, we can now buy bets.

Our formula is: to spread out the results of the first major goal such as the first spread betting a village, we will give priority to the village, the village shop to buy a shop open until only a village situation arises, I one was transferred to the busy and labeled.

Formula 1: Whenever a total of two straight sets, then stop betting a shop;

Equation 2: We must begin betting shop by the new station a second card for each table to win 3 Note (sometimes much more), immediately close hand, play another new station, this method is called "cut Wo green" ʱ??

Equation 3: Whenever a "lose a win two lose two - - + - -" or "four straight sets - - - -," the situation, we need to take "PLAY Law" (Anti-buy) all formula immediately. Instead use over until the original formula so far only won three times, then on again to change back to positive from trans buy buy;

This is the perfect place formula plus "PLAY Law" mixed use of!


Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang (first rolled out of the village, so use strategy is temporarily based in the village, shop village shop to buy)


Chuang Chuang Chuang (Zhuang fired)


Zhuang (Chuang single open)

Busy busy busy (starting from the second shop, the target shifted to idle, to idle the main until the situation has changed again when)


Blazing (free out of a total of four, out of a village, buy favorable busy, confirmed that the forecast is correct)

Equation 4: When the other party out three times in a row, you want to raise with buy each other until the end, and from a new beginning.


Blazing blazing (since the first rolled out free, so start from the second shop, we have to idle as the goal, shop shop to buy idle)

Chuang Chuang Chuang [Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang] (they even opened three village, so to change the strategy, with two base code "raised to" buy Zhuang, until the end)

Busy busy busy (starting from the second shop, the main objective reply buy idle)

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [a]

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [two]

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Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [four]

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [five]

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [six]

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [seven]

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