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Baccarat Tips The "ten-point"

1, when the approach to calm down and prepare to fight the first time to consider their own time is not enough. Time to order more than one hour for the Huai River, around the same time consider whether there is any interference. If the timing and location is not good, do not approach ʱ??

2, comes into play, the overall look hand, choosing to open the innings, patiently waiting to go after the potential emergence of cards, do not rush to bet.

3. After selecting a good Board, cool simulation few mouthfuls, patience, and so appear good situation, with 12 football bet. If you start off, stop betting, waiting to see the potential brand again, if good situation occurs, such as Just as with the 12 football bet as another loss. stop, change the field!

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4, a game in just 1-3 yards, hand to act decisively to stop, change course!

5, if there is wind, do not bear chase, even if it is already lost part of previous earnings, not anxious just want to regain the lost parts.

6, 10 the same day if there is no profit and has lost starting principal of the base code. Would take some time before admission. The rest of the time is the best for more than three hours, and so peace of mind re-admission.

7, if the more profitable part of the day, or for downwind of, appropriate to increase the stakes, to greater profits, of course, to ensure that part of the premise lock in profits increase stakes.

8, have a good day planned target date. Principal arrangements deficit position only to win position, only the base code.

9, when we should stop feeling tired, rest, or play with another day, the game must not be the physical and mental fatigue at the time.

10, always thinking of me a lot of time, I will take the time and effort in exchange for money, momentary loss of nothing! I want is a long win!

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