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Winning baccarat game (4): Progressive

We look at the best catch policy.Suppose an opponent has 78,000 in chips, but you have 70000.We temporarily ignore your opponent is a change in the target.This time, the best way to catch the "progressive".The key ratio progressive law is 1 / 7,1 / 3 and all the chips.You only need to use a minimum proportion sufficient to catch opponents.In this hypothesis, you should bet 1/7 of the chips in play yourself, which is 10000.If you win, you reach 80,000 chips, catch up success; if you lose, the chips become 60,000, then charge their own chips 1/3 of the total, that is 20,000.If you win, the chip becomes 80000; if you lose, the chips reduced to 40,000, then to bet all the net worth.We get 80,000 won; lose out on.

In this example, you only in case of missed three times in a row will be gambled, only 1/8 of the probability of occurrence. These three hands you win any one, to reach the goal to win 10,000 chips, probability of success 7/8. This illustrates the advantages of a high probability of progression method.

The key ratio is progressive in 1 / 7,1 / 3 and all, but these proportions not only stopped at 1/7, before 1/15, 1/31 and so on and so is more forward (after doubling plus 1). However, 1/15 charge such a small proportion of the more impractical, because the amount is too small.

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When deciding what proportion of use, you need to estimate the amount of chips next. If 1/7 is enough, then start with 1/7 progressive, give yourself three times the chance of success as long as any of the three to win one, you can achieve purposes. If 1/7 is not enough, then you bet 1/3 of chips, then you need to win one of two in.

A more advanced technique is "progressive positioning bet." Sometimes, one of the key ratio (1 / 15,1 / 7,1 / 3) can win chips very close to the target, but not complete enough general logic will be using a larger proportion but you can let us first cast a little note, If you win, you can start with a smaller proportion progressive; next if you lose, you can still follow this little note there is no need to adopt a case in proportion to the progressive.

Here is an example.Suppose you have 210,000 in chips, while opponents have 250,000.You need more than 41,000 chips to him, and you only 30,000 chips 1/7.You might think should direct charge 1/3, which is 70 000 (will be lost if all the remaining 140,000 bet).But a better approach is to cast a small "positioning note", such as 12000.If you win, you have 222,000 in chips, now just charge its own chips 1/7, that is 32,000, enough to catch up with rivals.If you lose the positioning Note, chips reduced to 198,000, you can still use one-third, that is 66 000 to achieve the purpose.Win positioning Note allows you to use a smaller proportion, so one more chance to achieve the purpose of; lose positioning Note will not make you much loss, still can not locate the next note you need to use a proportion.

Progressive cash games in general law did not of any use. It does not change the casino win rate is only useful when you deal with the shortfall. The game is in a controlled environment, with a clear beginning and end. At some point, You have to gamble to get chips for a limited time. Progressive method is a powerful tool that provides you with more than a high probability to win chips opponent.

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