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Betting novice self-restraint and gambling strategy

Self constraints

Betting Have "principles" laid down early in the morning punter should use all bet, If you win and how to deal with stakes, lost time and how to deal with, then Casino On the implementation of the execution, impartial, is not affected by personal emotions.Under the rules previously set to self-compliance is the smart bet people.Betting irrational fear, winning time and want to win more, losing time and hurried to think quickly recovered, as well as the larger more gambling, more gambling more red heart, this phenomenon is the general state of mind and a common problem gambling house.Many people are not laid down the principle of gambling, was influenced by greed and fear of personal financial management method, which will life savings away to the dealer.In the gambling world, too, if you do not have self-regulation principle or no betting mind, you will eventually lose the most money, and even owes a huge debt.Different people have different economic capacity, the risk can be affected by different people are not the same, so it should be different for different people bet.Another point to remember is that when you set a certain bet to do what, do not look only winning gaming scene, while losing money, how to handle and take bet strain is the most important difficulties.

Long short

I do not know what gambling is to target it?Most want to make a fortune, once cut off the roots of poverty can become rich every day enjoyment.But the people who really do not have a one hundred of them, and have the ability to win a lot of money for people and must be highly stressful and often under great pressure, because the larger the bet, the more you win, the greater the contrast will lose betting people have long-term and short-term are two, short-term is looking for fast money, to win or lose each day as a back bet, win or lose are the ups and downs of everyday living in stress, fear or excitement which, win a lot of money and lose a lot of money many people are of this type.Depending on the number of gaming as long as a day or recent National People's Congress will not lose but fear, because they know that gambling is to win but also lose the entire season is a calculated gamble, lose ten thousand today does not mean that in the future can not win back, the most important Betting there is to know the kind of long-term bet or betting tips can make in the future to win back with interest, this type of person most of the annual settlement counts is winning, but winning winning gamble may be less than some of the people who every day, but the maximum The difference is that psychologically, respectively, live every day in fear and tension is definitely not good before, than you can comfortably live on a daily basis, winning or losing will not affect their own lives, at the end still a little profit in season You can go to travel after a break, how it is relaxing?So I go now being planned summer travel season since the start of the hand due to wind are good, even now directly input to the end of the season it is also still on vacation.

Do what

Before betting the best financial plan to put its own good, the best month earned money due to the deduction of all expenses and then take the bet, you will not lose no food is appropriate stakes.The biggest mistake is to borrow other people's money to gamble, this is the Way to the "breakup" of step.With the stakes will go to set a profit goal, of course, profits everyone know more the better, but have their own stakes and set, not whimsical, like asking for the moon.Suppose you bet footwall have hit rate six to seventy percent rate of return is that you probably 18-37 percent, so if you want to think about holding one thousand yuan in gambling venue footwall ten win a million (1000%), it is simply the action extremely difficult, requires a great deal of luck element.For example, you want to win ten games in a million, your principal is twenty-seven thousand (?$ 10,000 / 37% hit rate assumptions Qi Cheng), each field can bet two thousand seven hundred ten games after the profit of ten thousand yuan.Reverse calculation as you may have a million dollars to gambling, such as the ten games as a betting period, which is one thousand yuan per field shooting case Qicheng (ie win seven games) profits should be about three thousand seven hundred yuan (tie plate on when not gambling).The most important issue is seventy percent hit rate is not easy to achieve, (Ben lore Available are maintained at about Qi Cheng) so we really want to do what when gambling, betting and custom implementation plan to execute.

Smart bet people

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Today, the prevalence of gambling in the world would simply obsessed with gambling airflow into Asia since China, bet the people immediately jumped to grow up quickly.Chinese people have for thousands of years in the gambling culture.Now it is a duck.In addition we want to win money gambling, it is that gambling may seek to stimulate.Because sometimes it is not worth knowing Bo or to gamble, because I wanted to get into the gaming exciting feeling.Gambling house seven or eight adults do not understand to control their "tolerance hands", but most of them are gambled relinquish, you want to be this one it?! Do you want to become a winner going to do some things others quit, do not swim, do smart people bet! First learn to endure hand! Gaming is a chance of numerical relationships Game, Gambling in fact, the European by European Handicap, Asian Handicap with Asia, the Asian plate is closer to the two teams, the two teams added to the game to keep the ball.We all have to try to pull fifty percent win rate, but the dealer would lose no matter which team wins can profit from pumping.But the percentages are specific numbers are not to be measured by the strength of numbers, so often there are loopholes between Handicap, winning is to find these occasions to attack.So gambling is not half of the game, so I think if you and I do not spend too much time to study, because chance of winning half of the rate of return with this double deficiency, is a completely worth Bo game, which might as well go to the casino gambling Baccarat Not more practical and fair. Is that right? Ben has recently discovered a loophole Handicap, nearly nine out of win rate, as long as the re-use of flexible skills is a long bet betting length win!


We know that the world's largest casino is actually a stock market.This casino every day countless money flow, than any casino betting big I do not know how many times.So there is a lot of the stock market phenomenon can be applied to other gaming activities, the stock price may rise and fall by the people to manipulate away the hype, the stock market has basically half of the company's stock is speculation money.Many people see the stock will refer to the chart, in fact, the chart also false, that is, deliberately made false by the dealer as the introduction of the market and thus their own profit.Such a large majority of the stock market is fundamental to control by the "strong person", so small retail only one way to make money is, "with the village", to analyze how unique win lose or less.Gambling is the same,.If the strength of the team will always win; the strength of weak teams always lose, I think no one would open gambling, in fact, the situation we are now in the pre-existence of match-fixing, but the rule of thumb to find out these events, Analysis Makers Makers good intentions and then take a ride, try to endure at the hands of other races, until only one is betting these events, the surface can be said to be full of win.


When you are not whole-heartedly.Only to flutter would often have a windfall, but when you put a lot of time trying to study, but losing more and why?Betting fact unfair, because there are factors into account [human] make gamblers lose chances increase.Examples slot machines on the casino, the entire pre-set by the casino people every opportunity to rate, simply playing slot machines is the "give money" to casino.So why most people like to bet on baccarat, because this game extremely fair opportunity rate of nearly (50%), people can buy and buy Zhuang busy people to gamble, furthermore cards on the table with a very difficult tricks.Bet [size] is different, because the casino is a way you can use the remote to control the points, so people do not lose bet is difficult.Whenever involving pecuniary interest, anything could happen, tortoise bet if no ingredients included, believe the rabbit is certainly impossible underperformed, but with betting on what absurd things can happen, rabbit is absolutely run defeat turtle.For gambling, too, and now every day in gambling bet I do not know how many billions, what upset Results absolutely can occur, that there is no match-fixing is simply impossible.But when gambling should not be too pessimistic, as long as careful observation to avoid the most likely match-fixing match occurs, even if we can see through such occasions spotted more invincible.

The exhibition director

In fact, there are many betting method,.But more with the least cost is not critical, because the stakes are much custom, betting is a game the facilities of each method, it was like a knife sawing trees (chuanchang), some people like to cash money, but people who want to saw trees necessary to use a little more luck to help people who have capital, if not greedy, to winning is much easier than this how little people.If you can find some equations on the pitch is a high hit rate, then, together with the use of stakes can be said without their drawbacks.But gambling is often the cause can not endure hand, seems to think this is very good, which of course they seem confident that this is so and so said the insider will win, so that we can bet on a west east gamble game, finally one way or another to make up another tie or lose.The best way is to own a few friends to establish a fund or system, laid down profits and per field stakes, such as average bet per bet, win on a press pass on to increase profits, lost not raise All can set their own way, the equation of the game appeared to stick to the principle of bets, until reaching the target profit can further increase the basic bet, then set bigger goals, will fund more every time I see the larger roll.

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