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How to enroll APT tournament (Asian Poker Tour)?

How to enroll in APT events? That is Asian Poker Tour, What is the process? Given the APT poker tournament is very important tournament, interested in APT hopes to enter the ranks of professional poker players who never miss such a good opportunity, so we gave you talk about how Registration APT APT tournament events and enrolled in the process.

Step one, the Asian Poker Tour site registration

Players To contact APT players registered staff and players to fill the application form / declaration table.

Players must present valid ID (passport or driver's license, etc.), in its capacity as proof of identity and age.

Players will get a player's registration ID card APT is recommended during the entire tournament players have to save this card as the proof of registration has been completed APT tournament ..

Please inform APT wishing to participate in the event is responsible for the registration staff. Then the game players will get a single payment.

Step two, to the cashier to pay the entry fee

Players to match a single payment to the cashier.

Players can only pay at the cashier.

Once payment is received and confirmed, the cashier's office will be stamped in the game on a single payment, and saved as a receipt for the game.

Step three, game show in exchange for seats on the receipt card

Players race to produce a receipt to race staff to get their seating cards.

In the course of the game requires players to wear APT Player registration ID card.

Event staff will be paid seating cards in 5-10 minutes before the start of every game.

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