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Betting novice how to begin?

1, first determine if they are suitable to participate before gambling online gambling.

Internet gambling is a need for a high degree of self-responsibility and adult games, please can not control their emotions and not solely deal with people who do not participate in their own money, especially if you have a compulsive gambling or the tendency of people not to participate.

2. Please understand the laws before gambling location, to determine whether they can participate in online gambling games.

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3, to determine their gambling budget, this budget should be their loser's money, but lost heart, then you can let go of the money.

Some people look forward to gambling too much, put them in a considerable part of the family property into gambling, the fact that they can not afford to risk losing this money, which could be very dangerous.More money and more money to play, play less money there is less money, but do not expect to make money from gambling.After all, money can be sure of professional players from gambling is rarely.Only really do not hold the idea of ​​making money from gambling, in order to avoid exceeding the capacity of the money devoted to gambling.After determining gambling budget must be resolutely implemented, even in losing money since there how to be reconciled, nor continue to invest.Some people like to put in an investment of only a small portion of the budget, such as his budget is $ 500, at first only in respect of investment into $ 100, so the first time put psychological pressure will be relatively small, it is A recommended approach worth.Some people with gambling as an investment, invest a sum of money to earn a bonus for the purpose, then they should pay attention to risk, because the bonus just to help you more chances to win, but can not guarantee that you win.And now the online casino environment more sinister than a couple of years ago to earn a bonus for the purpose of the player is likely to face the risk of gambling outside, so the investment in time should also plan their own budgets.A bad way to use the budget because of some other factors over budget investment, such as a person can afford to invest is $ 500, but since invested $ 1000 in a casino you can get a better bonus, so I put in $ 1000 and deceive they will lose $ 500 exit in time.In fact often because of psychological factors limiting or get out of the casino, the result is lost money over budget.In fact, if you can put over budget money, you can always find a place to vote, the problem is that you should not have that much money to vote, go to vote will only increase your own risk and psychological pressure.

4, payment.

OK you can have casino support payment, if you do not have these payment methods, it can not be for real money online gambling game, but you can still be able to play simulation games, but much less interesting. Network traffic now method of payment more, most Chinese people is to support 1-Pay payment, the most safe and convenient is Neteller, detailed information can go to the site understand the introduction of payment.

5. Select the appropriate casino.

We define the appropriate casino includes some of the following factors:

A, good reputation, will be paid, will not deceive the player with an unfair game, the player is not at liberty to reveal the information, not free unilaterally change the rules of the game, as well as compliance with other convention gambling industry ethics rules.These aspects are by some independent body to monitor the casino's self and third-party alliance and the players, and now there is no industry standard for the entire industry of the gambling industry, but there are some recognized names, such eCOGRAB certification and PriceWaterHouseCoopers (P PwC) audit.Try the recommended site is the industry more famous casino, the site in English, there are many well-known portals, they are powerful tools to help you understand whether a casino can be a go.I would like him refer to this site and major portals Website and blacklist section.

B, the game content. Content of the game should have diversity, so as to better reflect the gambling game entertainment, the significance lies in diversity for the players to provide more valuable option. If a casino while providing European twenty a little Spanish Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, while the other casinos offer more than just hand European Blackjack, obviously the former is a more appropriate casino games because it brings diversity in entertainment at the same time, also with the possibility of a low casino advantage.

C, casino promotional incentives.Casino promotions, casino instead of selecting only factor, but it is definitely an important factor, because of the existence of promotional tools can help you get more chances of winning.At this point the importance of how we can easily realize, on the contrary we do not readily recognize the touches bonuses and taking into account other factors, such as if a casino bonus from the surface looks good, but a bad choice other conditions , not very different people view the same.Also note that the sign-up bonus casino is not the only means of promotion, as well as a casino player is also very important plot points, as well as some other promotional tools.For example, a 888 casino enduring reason is that it often provides some small gifts to the players, which is to keep the player loyalty is an important condition.

D, customer service, a good casino, customer service must be an important condition. I like those have LiveHelp (live chat) support casinos, because these casinos have shown sufficient respect for the customer, then you can imagine them any other Service is mostly good, otherwise it may have been a variety of on-site services to the complaint tumbled. The second is to ensure that at least within a certain period of time to email you back or you can play into the phone to go. If a casino often do not give me back the message, then it is another aspect better, I have to consider is not often go.

E, support the user types and other features. Most casinos do not support customer type differences, but some casinos also support the High-Roller (big) players, some casino players to play penny more friendly, some casinos are more suitable for novice (which It is especially important in online poker casino), some casinos to play blackjack player-friendly, some players play roulette friendly, some casinos are single player game, there are some casino multiplayer games, some casinos It allows you to do the dealer, but some casinos there beauty for you when bookmakers, casinos have their own characteristics, learn more about the casino, in order to choose your casino.

6, understand the details you want to go the casino.

Such as dividend rules, deposit withdrawals hidden fees, withdrawals mode etc..Before entering a casino, take the time to read their rules and terms, banking information is always the right thing to do.Site casino introduced as far as possible not in the habit to read a lot of English players a quick overview of a casino window, however, because the casino can not introduce updated in real time, may be part of the content has been slightly behind the casino own content , and because it is impossible to introduce casino casinos have moved the site to rule every aspect, so there may be some information is still incomplete, such as many sites are registered dividend expiration time specified, but I take into account that most people do not will continue to apply in the case of more than aging, so there will be no introduction, but maybe some people just out of the question in this regard.So, if there is energy, then you should look at themselves.

7. Know your game.

Powered novice players are often not easy to appreciate the importance of basic strategy, because the situation in the event of occasionally play a small sample and large sample used to play in the event are very different.But the short point is that if you only occasionally play with gambling games, then that is just how to play does not matter, but if you are relatively frequent play gambling games, be sure to believe the data, the data is always in the long game will work to understand your game, the best way to implement the basic strategy to your game going, which is a key long-term game you can win money or lose money, at least not losing less.Another problem is betting law, although different methods of betting results fairly long game, but I still recommend to everyone even bet method, because this sense of excitement betting law although fewer ups and downs, but it does It allows you to stay longer in the game.This is not to say that gambling will not be able to use intuition and other betting methods, if that might gamble for many, there is no fun, but we should know what the essence of the game is, so you are in the game more interesting when it without losing principle.

8, know when to stop.

One problem gambling who often faced Xianyinghoushu, last desperate Fanben not even big loser.Since ancient times it has been a saying that goes, "there is not a lost bet," I understand it, no matter how much you lose, you are likely to win back the time, no matter how many wins, you are likely to output to when.Most importantly, in particular a gamble, you have to grasp their own, to avoid adverse circumstances go gambling.I said adverse circumstances including in the case of the big win, you began to appear proud and rash, in the case of large lose, you show impatience and anxiety, both cases will cause you start losing money.To know the normal losing is not terrible, because you have to win back the possibility of losing money but not normal...It is only the old genius know when you get down to stop.

9, more to communicate with people.

"Science alone without friends, the Gu Lou and widowed Wen", gambling and other technology, are able to raise in exchange. I am more interested in online poker games, they found themselves gained in progress and communicate with others and In actual combat almost as much to get the traditional casino games poker so much better than technical, but also can be improved through exchanges, while exchanges may also be someone to learn, you make other people avoid committing repeated psychological and technical error.

10, when there is controversy.

When driving long as people sooner or later will be stopped by the same police once, a long time gambling (if you are unlucky or do not fully understand the casino, it may just gambling) time and people will always encounter casino dispute. Dispute There are many portals and mediation can go.

We strongly recommend to note the following:

1, too generous bonus rebate is to remind you to learn more about the details!

A few online casinos offer very generous rebate bonuses, much too unbelievable, if it stands to reason that can will win bonus. But in fact, as you have been winning, they will find an excuse to freeze your account and will delay your withdrawals. However, if you have been lost, they allow you to keep playing. It really is not worth the risk, you should find a number of large and credible software companies such as Microgaming, Bossmedia, Playtech, RTG and other online over 100 to choose from.

2, the same identity can not be set up multiple accounts.

Lost a lot of players get bonuses after new account is always an attempt to set up another new, some players forget the account or password, you can give the casino an email.Usually after the player finished asking a few questions, the casino will immediately re-notify.Players always thought that the use of a variety of different means of credit card, address, name, etc., can be hidden from the casino.But in fact they are often to be found, so as to be absolutely at the door.If you want to play more than one person at home, be sure to first ask the casino to understand, tell them you're going to the spouse or adult child open an account.They usually will not oppose, but you'd still want to keep the share of e-mail, to prepare for tomorrow's needs.As long as you are fair to the casino, they will treat you fairly.

3, online casino withdrawals, it needs some time.

Players tend to take much-needed money to bet, in order to deal with the bills coming due. This can also be a test in a real casino, because you can get cash immediately, but in the online casino but it's not, because withdrawals are usually required When Some online casinos claimed by courier Fedex 4 days to put money to the players, some claimed by wire transfer 2-3 days will do. But time is actually received at least one week, especially by check The way to pay, most casinos need 2-3 weeks. Some need to spend a month's time. So Thankfully, online casino development today, through electronic means such as NETELLER withdrawal is only one days or so.

4, from before the start of the paragraph, first understand the casino payment rules.

Some players do not care, never to see how to get the money. Ah! Also found a new casino, play a $ 100 to say it! Later, they discovered that some casino regulations, give the money to store a minimum of two weeks, or the minimum amount of withdrawals, can be extracted. Because some withdrawal minimum amount is too high, these players will simply gambling money, go blog about awards, or simply to gain the cleaners. Some casino weekly settlement only once in my Look, this is so that players have to play to honor the date, and the principal and interest of the tricks to lose, gambling in casinos should you trust and are familiar with the situation, or can follow our presentation.

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