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Sun Game Casino introduced, Sun City official website

Casino Sun Game description:

Sun Game (Sun City) Is officially registered online betting company. Since its establishment, we not only provide all kinds of sports betting and the diversification of online entertainment, and more commitment with the best betting method, supplemented by the most advanced network technology support, offer the best customer service and the best payment solutions. We are committed to providing our customers with a rich exciting gaming activities, and tried to charge the highest quality and rich reward for the way back.

Sun Game owns and operates the following Chosen by the Government of the Philippines Cagayan Special Economic Zone River First Cagayan leisure and Resort Corporation ( Are authorized and regulated. The company's philosophy is to provide the best customer through sports betting and diversified online entertainment, to further expand our business.


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As an international professional online gaming clients operating companies, by virtue of our collection of world-class betting information experts, experienced service team, marketing experts, advanced hardware and software developers to create the Sun Game comprehensive and complete organizational system.We are committed to providing the best and new for every customer, safest, most accurate professional gaming data, as well as a full range of international services.Meanwhile, Sun Game All games are designed using the world's leading software.We also hired a number of senior computer specialists designed to provide hardware and software maintenance of facilities and services to provide the best technical support to ensure that customers can enjoy the best quality in all the time and entertainment services.

Commitment to quality service

Since its inception, Sun Game is committed to providing a wide range of sports betting and online entertainment, 24 hours a day so that customers can experience the most exciting stimulating leisure enjoyment, more so as the rich rewards, in order to repay the general public for their support and enthusiastic participation.

We adhere to the "customer first" purpose, to innovation, the spirit of continuous improvement, to develop a wide range of entertainment business. To this end, we employ a large service team, with marketing, software development, customer service, technical support and other outstanding staff unremitting efforts, to provide professional entertainment services. We are committed, engaged in client Sun Game gaming platform, whether to participate in the sports, entertainment, or other online games, but also to enjoy valuable betting returns. At the same time, every confidentiality of client information is most important for us and we promise, will continue to spare no effort to adhere to the strict application of confidentiality and privacy regime.

Maintaining strict confidentiality and security

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According to regulations, each user can have only one Sun Game corresponding account. To maintain system integrity and fairness, and we will carry out security checks from time to time. Customer safety and fairness of the game is the most important Sun Game service and faith and purpose. We use the world's most advanced gaming software equipment to ensure the impartiality of the software itself. Meanwhile, the company also spend the most advanced encryption measures to ensure the safety of the game, and for 24 hours in the background testing and monitoring to ensure that our customers can in one of the most secret, most secure online gaming space have fun.

Fair game

Sun Game We are committed to provide players with the most fair environment, on a combination of sports betting and entertainment platform webcast enjoy playing music. Sun Game online entertainment platform in Asia is now the most authoritative and most advanced technology systems available. In addition, all participate in live dealer games have to undergo a rigorous training and selection, each bureau director to oversee the Board has to ensure realism of the game.


We offer a variety of safe and easy deposits and withdrawals choice to our customers. We have always maintained customer "for our customers (KYC)" and anti-money laundering (AML) principles and to cooperate with third-party financial regulatory authorities to ensure the maximum extent possible to comply with the relevant laws and regulations. Sun Game hope all customers can in a safe and pleasant environment, enjoy the company of well-designed products and services, and be able to make a profit. We welcome any comments of our customers . If necessary, please send the relevant information via e-mail to e-mail:

Responsible Gaming

Sun Game commitment to provide "Responsible Gaming"And ensure that every customer can enjoy together with our gaming fun. But we also understand that there are a small part of it sometimes may not be able to control their betting behavior, such as the case-related issues, Sun Game will actively encourage those users in a timely manner Contact us in order to provide the best help.

Sun Game Sports Betting

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Sun Game Sports Betting Since its launch date, it is constant development and improvement. In order to give players a better entertainment experience, Sun Game sports platform is further optimized for a variety of sports activities, thrilling ball go, the team analyzed data accurate and concise, lets you fully informed sports information to help you make the most accurate betting, with more money you win.

Sun Game Sports Betting Overview

Sports Betting general rules and regulations

1. Sun Game All bets information provided by the company are well-intentioned. However, the company does not date, time, place, opponents, betting odds, results, statistics, team uniforms (shown in real-time video) or betting related information assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. We reserve the right to correct any obvious errors, and will take all reasonable steps to ensure the integrity of transparent management of gamble.

2. If a match before the scheduled start time, only in the event (not including specific real-time betting) bets before the start of the project to stand. If you do not gamble at the right time to shut down or suspended, the Company reserves the bettor to avoid the actual start After betting right time (not including specific real-time betting).

3. If you have any questions about the event or the team name, the English name shall prevail.

4. If the Company website out tournament against the team name does not match with the actual name of the nature of the organizing committee's official website, the company has the right to cancel all bets in the game bets. Such as different levels of echelon (first team, reserve etc.), age (U21, U18, etc.), group sex (men's team, women's team, etc.).

For more detailed rules, please visit Sun Game official website View

Sun Game Casino

Sun Game offers a variety of casino gaming platforms, including:

Independent platform exclusive Sun City - Venus Hall

Venus autonomous platform exclusive Sun City Hall

HG platform - Jupiter Hall

Sun City Hall Jupiter HG platform

HG Jupiter hotel offers an on-site platform game:Baccaratʱ??American Rouletteʱ??Sic Boʱ??Dragon and tiger

HG platform Jupiter Hall - Baccarat site

Jupiter Baccarat Museum site

EA platform - Mars Hall

EA platform Mars Sun City Hall

EA Mars hotel offers an on-site platform game:Super Baccaratʱ??Traditional Baccaratʱ??Baccarat Pairʱ??14 Rejection brand Baccaratʱ??Asian Rouletteʱ??International Rouletteʱ??Sic Boʱ??Crazy Blackjack

EA platform Mars Pavilion - Asian roulette site

Mars Pavilion Asia roulette site

GD platform - Mercury Hall

Sun City GD platform Mercury Hall

Mercury hotel offers on-site GD platform game:3D Baccaratʱ??Multiple Baccaratʱ??Baccarat seriesʱ??Traditional Baccarat

GD platform Mercury Hall --3D Baccarat site

Mercury 3D Baccarat Museum site

BBIN platform - Saturn Museum

Sun City BBIN platform Saturn Museum

BBIN platforms (Boeing) Saturn hotel offers an on-site game:BB Kenoʱ??Mahjongʱ??Texas Hold'emʱ??Wenzhou Pai Gowʱ??Rotary tableʱ??Baccarat Golden Armʱ??Sic Boʱ??Dragon game

Boeing platform Saturn museum - Sicbo site

Saturn Museum SicBo site

Sun Game Poker

Welcome to the Sun Game of Poker

Sun Game send you a 110% Welcome Bonus

For more information, please visit betting Sun Game official website View

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