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Zhuang kill nine type - Asian dish ghosts tips

1, Furui no wave - stagnant water dish.

What is stagnant water dish, from the start by the injection plate, from beginning to end or from the disc by injection or by the injection of a non-peak period from the start, the water level is maintained in the footwall high water (above 1.05) and low water (less than 0.8 ) did not change too. This disc is called dead water dish, in general, there are more than 90% of the cases is the low water side.


(1) must be a high water and low water.

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(2) it has been the same from start to finish, especially spot stage must not shock a little water.

Related illustration:

(1) Messina VS Inter Milan, 0.8 by the Ping / half 1.05

(2) Brescia VS Inter Milan, 1.05 Tie 0.8

(3) Norway VS Italy, 0.775 by the flat / semi-1.125

(4) Lecce VS Parma, 0.75 by the Ping / half 1.15

2, one hit kill - sealing cutter

If there Makers entertained situation, and later opened, the direct positive selection results change disk.


(1) Case Makers entertained there.

(2) There are very straightforward plain Handicap theme, situation.

(3) After making the opening, the disc becomes apparent.

Related Stories:

(1) VS Atlanta Messina, Chupan tie, half / one entertained results after 2: 1.

(2) Lecce VS Parma, Chupan tie, entertained after flat / semi-high water that is the result 3: 3.

3, the deck no loss - staggered plate.

Staggered plate means from Asian dish out later, especially spot to spot three hours before kick-off, maintaining the status of all the Asian plate staggered, as some companies Kaiping / semi-high water, low water companies open draw. If Some of these companies exist the deck, the other half go the presence of some companies, the Fifth and the number of companies open, the result is bound to point to one of the deck, and the results are likely to leave the disk, for example: part of the company out of a ball / Qiuban high water, another part out of a ball low water, it will be out the next disc, and is likely to be 1: 0.


(1) there must be staggered plate, and maintained for a long period of time.

(2) must be maintained until the spot is still fifty - fifty staggered.

(3) There must be supported by high water and low water.

Number (4) interleaving the company can not be less than three.

Related illustration:

(1) Lindstrom VS Lean, flat / semi-high water, low water tie, the result 0: 0.

4, stagnant water Ripples - high pressure plate.

If the original is stagnant water dish, but there spot high water level shocks and variations parties, especially the emergence of high water level declined slightly square case, then 80% of the possible high water party.


(1) must be a high water and low water.

(2) must be from start to finish has been the same, but the water level was spot stage shock or changes, especially fall.

Related Stories:

(1) Germany VS China Youth Youth, Handicap 1.025 flat / semi-0.775, spot becomes water, the result 2: 3, really hurt the heart.

(2) Manchester City VS Liverpool, Handicap 1.05 0.80 tie, spot becomes water, the result of 2: 1.

5, jump ahead - frog dish, dish bull market, bear market set.

If the change disk process, there are three positive change disk case, three cases drawn directly.


(1) must be changed more than three times the disk.

(2) must distinguish between spot and non-spot becomes variable.

Related Stories:

(1) Norwich City VS Manchester United, Chupan by Rangyi Qiu / ball half, spot on the disk transferee goals / goals and a half, the result 2: 0.

(2) Udine VS Rome, Chupan hemisphere (formerly tie), spot Rangyi Qiu, result 3: 3.

(3) Bayern VS1860, Chupan Rangyi Qiu / ball half, spot Ping / half, the result 0: 1.

6, strong given life and death - killing the main dish.

If the home team is a strong team, while the visiting team is a weak team, and the visiting team made the disc is not particularly rich subject matter, but given hemisphere Chupan or flat / semi-high water or full of water, and by the injection peak power for longer period of time, then more than 75% of the lower plate.


(1) The main strong off weak.

(2) to give the home team Chupan water level above high water.

(3) Vulnerable team made no significant disk themes.

(4) The home of high water must be maintained for some time.

Related Stories:

(1) Sampdoria VS Atlanta hemisphere Chupan 1.05 0.80 Result 1: 2.

7, poles apart - reverse drive.

Mainstream companies, a one or a more, and by the injection of Chupan plate out opposite Handicap (except tie plate), as Chupan Kaiping / half, by injection dish transferee flat / half, then, more than 80 percent out of change footwall after-hours party.


(1) Handicap mainstream companies open.

(2) is not equivalent to handicap the odds, but directly Handicap.

(3) must be Chupan and contrast injection plate by.

Related Stories:

(1) VS Bologna Brescia, Chupan transferee flat / half, by injection disc Ping / half, the result 0: 2;

(2) VS Charlton Crystal Palace, Chupan Ping / half, by injection plate transferee flat / half, the result 2: 2;

(3) Southampton VS Manchester United, the transferee Chupan flat / half, by injection disc Ping / half, the result of 1: 2.

8, deep-sea exploration secret - Deepwater plate attached: shallow dish because the hit rate is not high, not for Comments.

When the respective size of the company will be home to a strong unified team to two goals Handicap half / three goals and more Handicap (Caution must be higher than the two goals and a half / three-ball Handicap), usually 80% may be out on plate, the reason is the strength of the gap is too big.


(1) Handicap must be very deep.

(2) generally occur at home. Away may be appropriate to follow.

9, very different - strange dish.

When the original disc, the Asian plate than Europe lost the equivalent Handicap opened higher opening level or low level, and is expected with the Player's Handicap very different, generally positive follow, then a higher open on the disc, the lower opening the footwall. Of course, this provision only 70% chance.


(1) Asian Handicap Handicap and Europe opened higher compensation equivalent or lower level compared to the opening level.

(2) we expect differences Handicap.

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