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Size of the ball to delve into sports betting experience sharing

First, this could make selection more streamlined, it allows you to focus more on analyzing the game.

Second, unlike the Asian plate to play big ball or standard disc, no reversal of that only growing, according to the ads on the statement, that only the larger, there is no maximum.

Third, if the first half on a big ball, and the second half no matter what you are, and you can feel at ease watching the tea.

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Fourth, play wave people inside, of course, mostly men, since men do, of course, like the "big wave" of

[Specialize] big ball of benefits

Meaning 1). Before delving into the

How to determine small open wide open, I believe that many players will do a lot of homework before.Currently, there are many successful methods, like stop theory, between plum bamboo theory, spot Handicap water level changes, track record, the strength difference etc..Which many people can make the right judgments.But if you want to pass judgment on all the games, I believe very few people can reach about 70% of winning., Even if there have to spend a lot of time and manpower.Is there a relatively simple and can have a higher accuracy rate way to do it?A simple way to determine the size of the ball there! I found in practice.In this way it is simple because it does not go through the tedious homework before.For this method, the pre-match study is meaningless things.

2) .20 minute rule

20 minutes rule list Handicap Goals Goals Odd time to judge the size of the ball

02 no balls

0 1.5 / 2 No abandonment

02 / 2.5-2.5 no wait

Low water -2.5 0 2.5 / 3 No Break large chase high water

1 3.5 / 4 10 minutes before the big chase

13 / 3.5-3.5 wait 10 minutes before, began to chase the ball when 3

1 2.5 / 3-3 10 minutes before the big chase

1 large 415 minutes on the sidelines, while less than 4 big chase

1 large 315 minutes watching, less than 3:00 to chase big

1 small 315 minutes chasing big

Chase big 2 small 420 minutes ago

2 large 420 minutes before the sidelines, less than 4 big chase

20 minutes of the best law in the real reference sub-plate handicaps and water to determine, in order to improve the success rate of investment.

3) 20 minute rule overall league

20 minutes in actual combat against the law lists a single game to go to a relatively high success rate.But sometimes there is no time to go to most of the time to feel.For example, when four major league go to, often there are almost 10 games to go to at the same time, and use the table there will be a loss of feeling.So go to the same time in the whole league can have plus size ball to determine the probability of the league at the time of application of the law of 20 minutes.Specifically based on each round of the league to open a large open small screening is to determine the probability of equal.For example, a round of Serie A at the same time there are eight games to go, the first 20 minutes there are 5 games to score, then the remaining three games to open a small chance is very big.At this time you may want the ball before the game according to the proportion of the size of the previous two rounds to reference.

4) Notes

1. Some games have the phenomenon into the 2 ball, that is a difference of 2-3 minutes between two goals, this time to judge the size of the ball must be combined to get the ball Handicap judge, Do not chase big or small chase

2. chasing the ball must be the final word, if an error occurs when the judge, do not blindly to cover short positions.

3. chase the ball when large enough to have the courage to chase the big ball will not have to pay back a small ball approach because many times the size of the ball game will be decided in the last 10 minutes

5), typical of the large ball and small ball

Walk the land, combined to keep the ball Handicap will find some of the size of the ball must kill are listed below:

1. The big teams get the ball, scoring earlier, after a goal handicap and decrease the size of the handicap race is not usually massacre phenomenon basically sub-plate on the plate and a large ball too hard at the same time, a Course is developed.

2. The teams get the ball and score first, and weak teams tie, usually a draw performance. Chase must have a small harvest.

3. The teams get the ball, underdog scored first, and the teams tie. There must be the ball forward, who in turn had.

[Alternative go to the size of the ball of the voice of experience]

4, go to screenings before the ball high water at high risk

Go to Handicap progress and constantly changing with the events, in the absence of goals, a win on the disc and the size of the ball big ball all the way down premium disc; in general have to go to the event screenings size Handicap pellets High water in one payment, then the dealer is quite optimistic about the big ball will run out, and the race will soon have a goal.

3, relatively weak teams leading the ball ran big chance

Modern football upset coefficient increases, and even some seemingly strong or weak before the tournament, the game occurred during the relatively weak teams lead the case, taking into account the relative football teams to go-ahead score, this time Under normal circumstances the dealer to open a football score slightly larger than the sum of the size of the ball after a go-ahead dish, this time to combine immediate Win Handicap and make an accurate judgment on the habits of the two teams (in particular, to consider whether the party still weak teams ability to score), under normal circumstances the weak teams get the next lead will shrink the defense case, the home team tied to overtake even think is not easy, at this time is the best time to intervene ball.

2, through the simple addition and subtraction method to determine the dealer opened Ideas

Go to Handicap bookmakers are exposed to the risk is much greater than before the Handicap, making the "lure" and "catch" * dish approach to events in the walk less handy.Many races have 10 minutes before the start of goals, but this time the dealer to comply with the competition time to open a corresponding larger size handicap, such as the Premier League tournament, before the size of the handicap of 2.5 goals, 10 minutes before the game to score, instantly go to the size of the ball dish out only three goals, then indicating that the dealer is not optimistic about the race overall goal will be more than three goals, and this was the best ball intervention good timing; if Handicap still higher open 3.5 (before 2.5 + 1) ball, then the ball this time not to intervene, and to intervene also need to wait for the big ball and then shot better premium fell plate.

1, half Handicap 1 / 1.5 ball watershed

Four Swedish super league and tournament, contest of strength between the teams closer to its audience size ball disks are generally 2.5 ball, but the first half of the size of the ball was a ball; the dealer as the game progresses The size of the ball Handicap and the water level changes, if the game is still the first half 0-0, the size of the ball in midfield disc should go to the 1 / 1.5 ball small ball slightly at low water Handicap, if half the size Handicap remains open higher to 1.5 ball, making optimistic about the second half there will be explained the goal, so a big ball Handicap probability is quite high.

[Go] to the size of the ball of the voice of experience

5) Some other is the weather, the striker injury, whether two games a week, and so a number of factors.

4) Team style, like the Bundesliga team Feileibaowo and Hargreaves Fort favorite class is the only offensive not defensive team like the probability a big ball naturally large. The other is the big leagues have to go to the screening of the relative easily a big ball, after all bookmakers goal and red card through other means to induce the flow of injection codes.

3) it is important to see the team's war because war is to attack the main decisions taken by the team or to keep the main tactics. If two teams want to take all three points, then a big ball easily, If one wanted to attack the party wanted to keep, it is relatively difficult. Further characteristics are different from each league, the Bundesliga, and like a big ball easily League, Serie A and Ligue easily a small ball, etc. These characteristics are to find themselves through statistics ʱ??

2) See the team nearly six and have conceded the state nearly three and a team's scoring ability also fluctuate if straight out of the five or six big balls, they should beware of the small ball, but the probability that probability is not like five or six straight sets late Asian trade to rebound so obvious, after all, making the size of the ball in terms of balance not required on the Asian plate so high.

1) First, a look at the home team and the visiting team was the number of goals conceded away was the number of goals conceded, strong defensive attack the weak teams of course the more balanced offensively or attack the weak strong defensive team a big ball more easily. Specifically how to judge it? Let's say the home team at home There are 15 games, have conceded if the number were less than 20, compared with the general attack defense is not bad, is difficult a big ball. If you've got the number of goals conceded were 30 or so, that is a typical strong defensive attack the weak, conceded too much to get the ball more easily a big ball. Another is to get the ball in the 30 or so goals conceded in 15 or so, which is strong defensive attack is also strong, whether the big ball is more difficult to grasp. The away team Away The determination method is the same.

[Fundamentals] voice of experience and the size of the ball

3) Asian plate to the upper and lower plate to be about judgment, in general, on a large plate easily, easily the footwall small. For example, some large handicap obviously worried if not playing, do not buy big ball. Also note The point is that the size of the Odds is generally around Handicap Odds, for example, a handicap over a deep pan, large Odds is definitely lower. So do not simply go to based on the size Odds to make a judgment.

2) MSO had previously worked on a standard disk configuration table theory, theory and methods in the post there, take the configuration tables and gaming companies out of the odds comparison, weed out those low draw odds of screening, such as said that in the Premier League, the 1.6 primary wins may be assigned to about 3.4 draw odds, the bookmakers give only if the value of 3.2, the possibility of a draw is relatively large, relatively low probability draw a big ball Of course this standard disk judge need not be so precise, there is a judgment about it.

1) Analysis of European pay, elect a tendency decide who will win combination. For example, this two 2.4 3.1 2.6 Low intermediate high and the like.

[Odds with the size of the ball of the voice of experience]

1. The balance of power large (weak and strong) is not necessarily a big ball, because the underdog is too weak, can not enter the ball, teams too, and mental relaxation, it will not score many goals. Underdog because defense difficult, general All forces will have to defend, so that virtually enhanced defensive force, so teams scoring more difficult.

2. The power parity is not necessarily a big ball, mutual restraint.

3. The anti-anti-teams play big ball is not easy.

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