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Football Sports Betting of internal information index constituent

European gaming companies to obtain comprehensive and unique is the average player can not match, therefore, the European index often we judge the results of the primary reference material match, in most cases, the index can objectively reflect the information in a match the possibility of winning a competition level.

So what information is betting the company through analysis, the final index it? Here we have to talk about internal information index constituent. The current domestic research in Europe lose, is extremely ignorant of the period. And to understand the company's internal Gaming Information constitution, we study the index have a very important role under normal circumstances its internal data is divided into the following categories:

First, the basic strength of the team

The basic strength of the league teams have a precise understanding Requires basic ability to have an accurate understanding of the player's team. For example, there are obvious Bundesliga Serie A in the group, also have significant downstream group, La Liga is pure strength smallest gap from start to finish The team is to determine the strength of the core elements of the game, is the basis of the expert study of the game, the equivalent of martial arts in the internal strength of these reflected in the index, is a data quantification.

Second, the immediate generalized strength is poor

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Index is based on extensive real difference.Wide real difference including the ability to affect the audience thinking of the core elements.At least include: A, the popular situation.Such as: Roma and Lazio considerable strength, but the sentiment is different, a difference reflected in the index.B, origin.Such as: La Liga Madrid, Barcelona take, Sevilla fight three major cities, the index is indirectly expressed in.C, war.For example: League is qualifying Handicap different stages of thinking is different.D, the main road record.E, status quo.Especially on a very important record.F, Track.Need to be reminded: winning track record and more cross outcome much more than a draw, the impact is different Handicap.G, core player injury.H, League characteristics.Like the Bundesliga, Norwegian super home team to win the big score often reflect the difference between home and away to wide real different from other leagues.I, ranking.Including Home and Away rankings.J, game time.and so on.

These are the bookmakers for the match out of the index and to study the internal data constituting these data, it is necessary to mention a word -. Europe lost the core of the core thinking is thinking in Europe pay supplement and extension of the above information, the same gaming company out of the necessary and sufficient conditions index.

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