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Sports Betting Tips: mystery Amigos gambling unbeaten

Football Betting In the last few years a new Game, Everyone watching the remainder of the football matches, with money as the stakes, guess who wins. Form some and Racing Betting Or Blackjack Card counting is similar, as long as you are smart and precise use of data, theoretically invincible. Unfortunately, things tend to backfire, however, especially regarding betting, always lose more people, fewer people to win.

So you want to earn a living betting, to be a professional gambler, is not easy. Hong Kong and Macao, and even football betting bookmakers around the world, hundreds of millions of profit each season, by what they and the majority of Lottery fans Duiyi, afraid of being "pot from the" sir? Amigos pay ground, is a master of this art, today as we uncover the mystery of his undefeated.

Pay Mr. Qin said waves so profitable, thanks to tricks twice, first degree tricks called "pumping" is the wave of water every fifteen to twenty percent, and as high water dish footwall low water , or both flat water and the like, but the two together, there will always be 1.85, do not underestimate this water, round the clock down, that is a big number.

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Second degree tricks called "odds", when most people overwhelmingly optimistic about a team, the odds will plunge, even to the point of a tasteless, for example Manchester United at home to play weak teams, Handicap probably two goals and low water, rather than handicap primary wins is 1.12, really a dilemma, gesture, and waves of this twice tricks, they become killer.

In fact, there will be another wave of the resort, called "Well opening" or entertained, but rarely used, but a "firewall."

Pay Mr. Qin said, the odds of water and food invasion, make your bets unprofitable, and the wave surface you bet against actual drainage pumping your water, you buy the teams primary wins every game, every game 1.12 , wins eight games down, only 1.96 cumulative insufficient twice as long as a gutter capsize, we will lose everything, while waves are disk full bowl full.

Pay Mr. Qin went on to say, when out of the right path Results, because most betting concentrated here, although the odds low wave will also have losses, but once upset even field, such as the UK and do not have the FA Premier League into the semi-finals or, as Greece won the European Nations Cup, waves on the belly full of intestinal fat, not to mention the World Cup in Brazil poured hot stove of.

What, then, paid Mr. Qin how to deal with? His own their own set of ideas, not deliberately reverse the line, but in conjunction with the wave boat, because of a match, someone must win and someone must lose also, the wave will be winning The word, which is the time when most people lose money, he will win money.

Understand this truth, I paid Mr. Qin also has three degrees betting tricks, long-term down, make him invincible, because he's betting rules, it will hook and wave, the wave will be winning, he also told  winning, wave will lose money, he may not have lost, what mystery what? continue next week.

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